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Why can’t I add someone on facebook ?

If you can’t able to add some person on facebook cool here we will tell you how. This problem caused when you can’t able to see add friend option on your friend profile. People will think that they have blocked that is not real. Facebook has become more important thing in our life.

People give us complaint about this issue here we will tell you reason why you cannot add someone on facebook.

The user may have blocked you

Yes, if you know 100 percent that they are using facebook but you not able to see user profile on facebook that person may block you. If you also block that person then you can’t find that person on facebook

Why can’t I add someone on facebook ?

User’s account may be deactivated

Deactivation is very simple process in facebook which every person were doing it may be temporary or permanent it is based upon user. If you can’t able to see add friend option then their account will be deactivated

Strict privacy setting doesn’t allow stranger’s to send friend request

We heard many crime incident and harassment from unknown people who message you on facebook. Keep you more secure there is an option in setting strictly allowing only to add people they know. It means if a person visiting your profile and they cannot find add friend option.

Why can’t I add someone on facebook ?

Nowadays people locking their fb profile to avoid getting message from unknown people. It is really good that person will not accept the request unless you know each other

Why can’t I add someone on facebook ?

The facebook user’s adding friend limit has been reached

If the person having 5000 friends in his account then he has reached the limit. That users will not able to add more friends again. There is a follow option by turning on you can follow them. You will not show on their friend list but you will get all updated that they share in facebook.

The user you’re trying to add on facebook rejected your friend request 

If a person rejecting your friend request then you cannot add him. There is nothing to hide that person avoiding you. I personally feel once a person avoid us never disturb them again.

Life is more than social media so don’t bother if someone not accepting your request. I hope the above given information will be useful.  

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