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What is PKG files and how to open .pkg files in window 10

PKG files are something that we were not experience often. In a particular time when we had numerous Nokia phones were running on Symbian OS but not long last. But nobody knows what is it. In this guide we will tell you how to access PKG files and to modify. This PKG file is not usual file if you are try any other program to open these type of file you cannot able to open also there are not available tools or any programs to open this .pkg file.  

What is PKG files and how to open .pkg files in window 10

The .PKG files is a database file created by developers working on the application for the Symbian OS. Nowadays there are no devices which are running on Symbian OS. In Nokia periods Symbian is the main thing used in Symbian OS. This file contains data in text format which are used to create SIS file. This file applications contains different types of information like vendor, name, software developer, copy from application files etc. By using create SIS utility program .pkg file was created where you can store your information.


It is not possible to load or open .pkg file through windows directly to see information.  You have to use decompressing or compressing utility program that supports .pkg file format. Here we have mentioned three program to open .PKG file you can use any of it.


Winrar is the best and top most program if want you to compressing and decompressing files on window. This program is totally free to use. This program supports different types of files like ZIP, RAR,JAR, ACE etc PKG also one of it. This winrar application contains contain built in text editor inside by using it you can open .PKG files. This will be more comfortable for you and to edit and change proprietary data in .PKF files. In this program you can also change information also you can open multiple files. This program is smaller in size and consume less power

What is PKG files and how to open .pkg files in window 10


It is another program also allows to compress and decompress files in winzip program. This program is also same like winrar. Users can use winzip to access and open and modify .PKG files this will not affect your windows system. This program contains encryption which protects your file from opening or accessing by others. By using this winzip you can store your files on cloud storage directly. Also you can store in drop box or g-suite. All these features are built in this program

7-zip .pkg file

This 7-zip program is best for file extraction. It works more fasts but while comparing it works little low. By using this program after compressing file size will larger than its original size. It works well in opening .PKG file.

What is PKG files and how to open .pkg files in window 10

I hope the above given information will help you to solve your issue.    

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