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What is Clubhouse App? Everything to Know About Invite Chat

Numerous types of social media obtainable on the internet for various purposes. For instance, Instagram for photos and video, Twitter for microblogging, Facebook for joining between friends and pages, Signal Messenger for text message, Reddit for discussion, etc. Between this massive lineup of social media that rewires human society, a new one has been thrown recently and created a major impact between people worldwide.

What is Clubhouse App?

The Clubhouse is a voice-based chatting application that permits you to create a room to speak, listen, and communicate between people worldwide. It is more like a conference group where people from somewhere around the world could meet up and share between themselves through voice.

How to Install and Setup Clubhouse App on Your iPhone

The invite-only chat app is accessible only on iPhone. If you are any other device users, you should possibly wait for the official authorization about the extended launch on those platforms.

[1] Find and install the Clubhouse app as of the App Store.

What is Clubhouse App
[2] Afterwards installation, to start  it on your iOS device.

[3] In the welcome screen, pick on Get your username ->.

[4] Go in your mobile number and tick on Next to proceed further.

[5] Go in the Clubhouse verification code sent to your mobile number and pick on Next.

[6] Here and now, pick a username for your Clubhouse profile (the username should be unique and must contain text, number, and under scroll).

[7] Pick on Next and enter your full name (first and last name). Again, click on Next.

[8] Type the required data manually or link your Twitter account to automatically add the essential information.

[9] Ensuing screen, you would be displayed with the profile picture of the linked account or add a picture manually (this step is skippable).

[8] Your username would be reserved successfully on Clubhouse, and you would receive the notification to type the Clubhouse voice chat as soon as your account is ready.

If your friend or anyone you know is proved to Clubhouse, you could ask them to invite you for instant activation. Be mindful of fraudsters who out there to sell Clubhouse invite at a price tag.

[9] As soon as invited or being confirmed, you could enter into Clubhouse app and click on OK to sync your friends.

[10] Choose the contact you wish to add by giving permission or skip it.

[11] Select your topic of interest to find more people who match you or just skip it.

[12] After done, you would be inside the Clubhouse dashboard and ready to chat with you.

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Is Clubhouse App Available for Android?

Right now, the application is accessible only for iOS devices. Several Apps and apks are roaming on the internet posing as the official Clubhouse app and beware of those applications resulting in stealing your data and device privacy.

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