What is Amazon sidewalk and how to disabling it

Guys image that your Wi-Fi device is using by all of the people around you, you have done nothing. An integrated network it means it will share all your private devices and one of it will provide network connection. Fine amazon has launched amazing feature called amazon sidewalk. In this article we going to see about What is Amazon sidewalk and how to disabling it

Soon this feature will start work in US on june 8th 2021 for a particular number of amazon user devices. What is Amazon sidewalk and how to disabling it

What is Amazon sidewalk

Amazon sidewalk is a communal broadband network which is available to all amazon to all users. In this article we going to tell you sharing a small part of your internet bandwidth with your friends and family for the person who don’t have proper reliable connectivity or else people who don’t have out of range. Also you can access their bandwidth when you are in away from out from connection.

Slowly amazon is going to become a global internet service provider, amazon going to provide offer monthly data limit of 500MB user per month.

Amazon sidewalk compatible devices

At starting stage, amazon will provide many features in all device we will tell you all

Steps to enable or disable Amazon sidewalk on your device

This feature amazon sidewalk is enabled by default on all of its product and it will show as public to say clearly half of the people in the world using amazon devices will be part in this program without knowing it. If you want to disable then we tell you how

After done this process stopped completely again you can turn on it at anytime and you can share your network in your device and it will be used to provide connection all people around you. Also solved for amazon firestick tv, active dish amazon firestick, amazon prime video in vizio smart tv

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