Vivo game space in ultra game Mod APK version

 Vivo game space ultra game mod APK version it regulary launches for smartphone to play android games. This version gives very high optimize the performance the disk it makes the game to run smoothly. Also this Vivo game space version has great function which is it makes the network increase and stable in multi- network situations. Here we going to see about how to download Vivo game space in ultra game Mod APK version

Now let us talk about its software development, this version is really optimized for heat dissipation accelerated engine. This heat dissipation technic comes with thermal management strategy so it will improve the total app smoothly. This games UI is very simple and more attractive which make your game in side scrolling format. There is an option to change the function in mode-in game space setting

Newly Vivo company has introduced latest version with some improvements and to fix bugs. Now let us see it’s feature all these will improve the performance of your game

Background calls: During playing game incoming call were answered then it automatically without using hand, hands free and the call will remain in background.

No incoming calls: if calls were not on the list “Allow some calls” then it will automatically go for rejection while playing game

Hiding top alerts: while playing floating previews will not display in the top of the screen

Game picture –in- picture: At once game is open you have to slide down using your three fingers then it will turn on for game –picture –in-picture. It will show your chatting App so you can do two actions at the same time playing the game and chatting.

Game keyboard: when you type something quickly it will open for pop up window and this feature will only support for Funtouch OS 4.0 and above version.

Bot mode: this feature will only support for some phones when screen goes black then game will still run in your background.

Esports Mode: In this mode you can turning off all background notification, managing the system resources, controlling notification bar, maintaining phone temperature these will make game smoother. It supports only in V15 pro, V15.

Avoid accidental touches: It will protect from some careless touches which cause accident function while playing and it supports in Funtouch OS 9.0 and above version

Performance preferred: By enabling it the resolution will be reduced appropriately and it will improve your performance it supports for Funtouch OS 9.0 and above version.

Note: we tell you how to add another game also just click on settings then gamecube(jovi-game mode) to add apps and turn on this feature

Vivo game space (ultra game mod) APK

You can setup this in game space app and it will recognize and add to game space. We give you link there you can download Vivo game space APK ultra game MOD. In game space application you can also add another app by manually while recover your game.


This Vivo game space APK is best thing will be more needed for all gaming players it will support for high end games. Guys use it you will never get disturbed while playing also it will improve gaming performance in your smartphone. We hope now you have learned how to download Vivo game space in ultra game Mod APK version

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