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Top 5 best UXPin Alternate Tools for Advanced prototyping

Why is prototyping important to UX designers

In designing process prototyping is very important why because it causes some improvements, changes and more. UX designers take this as very important process for practical use like usability, efficiency and more. In this article let us discuss about Top 5 best UXPin Alternate Tools for Advanced prototyping


This UXPin is a great tool for prototyping why because it provides us component states and conditional logic. Even though it has many disadvantage like relatively steep learning. But the sad thing is more advanced features will be available in advanced and professional plans it will be costly

UXPin alternate tools

There are different types of UXpins were available we bring you the top best 5 are of these were used by professionals. They are

Wondershare Mockitt

This wondershare mockitt is also best tool for prototyping. This will be stored n cloud and it will provide you to get access to any platform using latest browser. It has many different features like UI components, many templates and many more. It act as cloud tool also it allows our teams persons to edit and comment and share designs with safe.

Mockitt is under continual development and some more features were added. A flowchart module will give you templates and user flow component you have to create complex flow diagrams

This tool also supports for Boolean and Bezier operations and you can design with more flexibility. It will be useful for UX designers, project managers and developers

Adobe XD

Adobe XD this is the most famous tool but it has some disadvantages. Before start doing you to upload your documents to document cloud. Only if screen was linked with one another you can able to share your design.

One of the best in this is it has added with other adobe design products like photoshop and illustrator. And more UI features


This mockplus is available for both mac and windows. It gives you plugins where you can import your platforms like sketch, figma, Axure and adobe XD and photoshop. You can also do export. This Mockplus gives you options like sharing and collaboration.


Protopie is also a great tool for prototyping. It has many features like voice prototyping, camera inputs, interaction recipes and more.


This will be easy for you to create prototypes by using some gestures and animation. It has tools like UML diagram, flow chart,mind map and more. one of the best features is ease of collaboration in real time and quick feedback loops to work fast. thats all about this artcile Top 5 best UXPin Alternate Tools for Advanced prototyping

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