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We all know how costly it is to make call to our friends and family that are living at a different place, particularly if they are living outside the country. Thus, here is the best alternative done by the Talkatone Communications that assists the user to communicate with anyone over the call that is available for free. This amazing application is used by everyone and is free to download. Thus, this app is an effective way of linking with your loved ones and that too without spending more cash.

In this post, we will understand about the different features of this wonderful app and how you can install it on your phone.

On that app you can get a suitable U.S. phone number of your preference and it’s all free to use. One of the major cautions is that there are advertisements run on the top and bottom of the display and seldom between screens while moving from phone call to text or vice versa.

Whatever device you use it from whether it’s your Windows phone, your home computer or the laptop you make use at work, with our top guide you can use Talkatone to communicate, wherever you want.

How To Download Talkatone On PC?

If you find yourself getting the concept of being able to utilize your PC as a phone, we’ll walk you experience how to do so. Talkatone was designed for use on mobile devices only but by using of an emulator app, you’ll develop in less time.

Talkatone for PC Download and Install On Windows & Mac

Unluckily, the developer is not offering their service for the computer user. But a great system is now explaining for you to installing it on windows desktop and Mac as well!

The primary work is that designing an Android environmental space on the PC. BlueStacks will assist you a lot to create the artificial Android OS in a personal computer/laptop/mac. And, now you can download the BlueStacks emulator from the certified website of it.

To end the installation of the emulator you should wait for at least of 4/5minutes. Must be it is adequate for download Talkatone for Win/Mac. With this emulator, now you can install all the android application on your computer.

The application does not require a special account. You can get it with the same login and password used to access your Google account. To make calls, you should configure Google Voice.

It will coordinate your contact calendar with social networking and offer a single base for you to look for your friends. The quality offered in the voice calls is high because the audio has a best quality compression.

To make use of Talkatone, you should be connected to the internet through a 3G or Wi-Fi connection. In the case of the first one should be cautious, because if your package is not infinite and there is high data traffic. Your account might be astounding.

Make free calls with Talkatone

Talkatone offers a lot. It has free calls and mini-messages via WiFi and data connection. Talkatone makes use of Google Voice as a channel to make and get phone calls. It is available for free of charge.

Talkatone only offers free calls and mini-messages in the United States and Canada. Talkatone can transform an iPod Touch, iPad, Android device or tablet into a phone and it allows us to make calls and send free text messages.

Finalizing the download and features

The Talkatone for PC is coming free. It takes more times when you can access it and see a banner on your interface. It’s working step is very simple. The app is well-matched with iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and requires iOS 4.0 or higher; and Android from version 2.2. Try some best and more messengers for PC.

How to Use Talkatone for Windows 7/8/10?

Talkatone for PC can be introduced from within the emulator after installation. The interface and the whole thing will be similar as you are running the same Android app on your PC, just from within the emulator.

What’s An Emulator?

An emulator is an app the mainly permits your computers operating system to run likewise to a mobile operating system, and allowing mobile apps working on your desktop or laptop computer.

You can find many different emulators for options to use, and they are free of cost. In the next part, we’ll discuss about 2 of the best emulators out there, what they’re popular for and how to use them to find Talkatone onto your PC.

Bluestacks Emulator

Bluestacks is simply the most well-known emulator out there to become Android mobile apps into PC running apps. It’s simple to use and the steps are very easy. Bluestacks is continually updated so there are no concerns about outdated software.


The primary thing you have to do before anything else is download Bluestacks. Once you have that downloaded and running, must follow the next step of instructions to get Talkatone on your computer.

Launch Bluestacks              

Introduce Bluestacks PC

Log into your Google Play Account (if you don’t have one, you can simply make one)

Search for “Talkatone” in the Google Play search bar

Install Bluestacks

Tap the Talkatone icon and install/download it

Once it’s downloaded, tap the icon from your downloads to open the app.

You’re finally done successfully!       

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MeMu App Player Emulator

Next PC-friendly emulator refers by the name of MeMu. However, at first designed to assist gamers obtain their desired games on their PC, it functions perfect for Talkatone as well.

The key difference between this and Bluestacks is that Bluestacks works ads and is updated while MeMu doesn’t include ads but is a little out of use.


Likewise to Bluestacks, you need to download MeMu before going ahead. Once you have that downloaded and running, you will go to install Talkatone. Follow these methods:

Launch MeMu

Download Memu Player PC

Log into your Google account

Search for “Talkatone” using the Play stores search bar

Talkatone For PC

Tap the Talkatone icon and install/download it

Open it from your downloads to begin making use

Talkatone Review

You might be sitting there asking yourself how on planet you make phone calls and send texts from your laptop or desktop. In this part we’ll tell you how and discuss the main features that Talkatone needs to offer. Let’s enter into it.

Free Phone Number

With Talkatone you obtain a free U.S. or Canadian phone number of your selecting. Phone calls are free to create so long as you’re connected to Wi-Fi.

Texting Feature

Simply one of the great features of Talkatone is the texting available. You can text anyone as long as you’re linked to Wi-Fi. This has free SMS/MMS texting with U.S. and Canada phone numbers, including group texts.

Burner Numbers

By using Talkatone you can change your number whenever you’d want. You can burn one phone number for free by just enter into settings and tapin “get a new phone number.”

You can use your new number as quickly as you tap “Burn Now.” This is available handy for several reasons but keep in mind, you only obtain one free burn number.

Photo Texting

You can use your webcam or drag your photos off of your social media accounts or camera roll to convey them as a text even like you would on a mobile device or tablet.

Sending photos is also coming in free on Talkatone to any U.S. or Canada number.

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International Calling

You can gain calling credits while using the app if you have to create cheap long distance calls. Some of the most cost-effective nations Talkatone services are:

  • Mexic
  • Guatemala
  • Columbia        
  • Dominican Republic
  • Honduras

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