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How to Free Take Screenshots on Microsoft Surface

Microsoft Surface Pro lineup is the most current 2-in-1 tablet or laptop that doing great in both worlds with an absurd performance, removable keyboard, modifiable kickstand, best-in-class digital pen, and more.

Method 1: Print Screen on Surface via Buttons

Though Print-Screen key has been detached later Surface Pro 3 on either Kind or Touch accessories, Microsoft leaves another a straight method to take screenshots on Surface.

This method works once you are using the Surface in the tablet mode deprived of connecting to the Type Cover.

Surface Pro 3 and prior models: Just press and hold the Windows button situated on the tablet’s screen, and push and release the Volume down button on the side.

Take Screenshots on Microsoft Surface

Surface Pro 4 and newer models: Push and hold the Power button and press and release the volume up button arranged the side.

Method 2: Take a Screenshot on Surface with keyboard

If your Surface device is prepared with Type Cover, then you could easily take the screenshots by by means of the keyboard combinations.

  • Push the PrtScn and release it to type the full screenshot on Surface.
  • Press Alt + PrtScn key to yield a screenshot of the lively window on Surface.
  • Afterward, you could paste the screenshot to Paint, Word or additional programs you prefer to.
Take Screenshots on Microsoft Surface

For valid the screenshot on Pictures library, you necessity to hold down the Windows key and then press the PrtScn key simultaneously.

Method 3: Take a Screenshot of Surface with Pen

Surface Pen ($78.99) has been formed to service with improved functions on Windows. One of the new features is Screen Sketch, which could print screen and offers the editing features like drawing, cropping, etc.

Objective double-click the eraser button on the highest of your Surface Pen. At that time click Save as to export the screenshot on Surface.

Earlier exporting the screenshot, it lets you edit the screenshot like edit, crop, etc.

Method 4: Take a Screenshot on Surface in Snipping Tool

Away from each other from the directly above solutions to take screenshots on Surface, another made in  tool in Windows you should not miss is Snipping Tool.

Snipping Tool is the simple screenshot tool, which could let you capture the Surface screen in 4 modes.

Step 1: Attend search on Surface and type Snipping Tool for searching.

Step 2: visit Snipping Tool, and select the screenshot mode from the drop-down options of Mode (Free-form Snip, Rectangular Snip, Window Snip and Full-screen Snip).


Taking screenshots of a movie, video call, game, conference, etc., would be the informal technique to avail what you need. Once you use the Surface computer, the screenshot process comes to be a to some extent various from that on Mac or other Windows computers. This page collects 5 easy free modes to take the screenshots for Surface.

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