Summoners War on PC Windows7/8/10 & Mac Download

Do you wish to play Summoners War on your PC? Luckily, there are some steps to download this well-known mobile game on your computer. This step will define all working steps in detail.

Furthermore, this guide will assist you progress fast through the game with the help of some tips and tricks.

Features – What’s This Game All About?

Summoners War is ready in a fantasy world where you combat for magnificence in various arena battles. This process RPG game is available for Android and iPhone. You can also download the game on your computer.

Here are some of the great features of the game:

  • Fight next to your faction to gain control of magical mana crystals
  • Use powerful summoners and control monsters
  • Exceptional skills and abilities for every demon
  • Turn-based strategic battle with other real players
  • Astonishing critical effects and inspired abilities
  • Real-time attacks       
  • Dynamic guild wars
  • Massive monster collection
  • Upgrade and develop your monsters
  • Create over 100 items
  • The outstanding built-in comment system
  • State-of-the-art headquarter hub area to join forces with other players
  • Multi-player and single-player modes

 How to Download Summoners War on a PC?

Summoners War is a game encouraged by Final Fantasy, and it’s pleasurable because it offers many interesting characters. There is an ever-growing demand from users for a PC version.

As, there is no official PC version of this game, you can’t only download a copy of the app on your PC. But there’s a step around that, and we will assist you with it below.

Method 1: Play Using Bluestacks

One step to play Summoners War on your PC is to play it with the Android emulator. It’s simple and acts for everyone.

Download Bluestacks through its official website for your Windows or Mac computer

Install and run Bluestacks on your computer

Summoners War on PC

Once Bluestacks started loading, launch the Play Store

Search for the game. Once you have found it, tap the Install button

Summoners War on PC

Wait for a few seconds and allow the game install

Now visit the App drawer in Bluestacks

Come across the newly designed icon for the newly installed app

Tap to begin playing Summoners War on your PC

This is clear-cut method and you should run the game easily. If Bluestacks doesn’t function for you for one purpose or another, must try one of these alternative emulators:

  • Andryroid (Download from the FileHippo server)
  • RemixOS Player
  • Ko Player  
  • GenyMotion

Step 2: Play It Online – No Download Required!

Follow the easy and clear steps below.

Visit the official Manymo website (a browser-based Android emulator)

Create your free account with Manymo by giving your first name, last name, and email address

Summoners War on PC

Log into the Manymo website using the account that you just made

Now you will be able to see an Android device running in your browser

Launch the Play Store in Manymo

Find out the Summoners War  

Finally, the game should install and you must be able to get it from the App Drawer.

Playing Summoners War on your PC is a lot of fun because you can play on a huge screen. Furthermore, you can control your roles by using your keyboard, mouse, and joystick despite of touch controls.

How to Play Summoners War on Your PC?

When you download the game, you can battle with your friends the similar way you did on a mobile device.

If you want to play this game on a PC, you have to use an Android emulator. We have classified the game with Bluestacks and it acts like a charm.

When you start playing it on a PC, the gameplay continues essentially the similar. The only dissimilarity is that you have a vast screen where you can find the game’s details more clearly.

Some players really enjoy playing games on a PC because they can use a range of control inputs. For instance:

  • Keyboard
  • Mouse
  • Joystick
  • Gamepad

As this game has some breath-taking graphics, it really stands out on a bigger screen. You can play the game on a Windows PC or a Mac computer.

How to Customize Controls on a PC?

  • You can simply customize controls on a computer by following the methods below.
  • Launch Bluestacks and start your game
  • Stop the game
  • Set the eye icon on the bottom of your screen
  • Now pull the slider up until you can obviously see the key names written on the screen where you beforehand had game buttons
  • Tap on any of these keys and you can allocate a different key to it

Ultimate Monster Guide

When you would like to know how to play Summoners War on a PC, the important thing to understand is what demon to keep.

The monster guide below will assist you take the right decisions. Whether playing Summoners War on a PC or on a mobile device, these tips can assist you progress fast.

When you’re beginner to the game, pay attention to 2 and 3-star monsters despite of 4 and 5-star monsters

Wind Pixie offers outstanding HP and new players should use it with demons and dragons

Dungeon shop and Uncommon Scroll Secret can unlock many “rare” specialty cards

New players must use Water Howl for support because of its capability to heal frequently

Water Lizardman is an ideal defensive monstrous for new players

Play leftovers to level up your monsters fast

You can find 4, 5, and 6-star ruins in B2, B5, and B6

Ultimate Review of Summoners War for a PC

Summoners War offers in-app purchases. That shows the game will shove you to spend real money.

If you don’t like to spend real cash, you can still enjoy the game, so long as you’re ready to spend time on it every day. Take part in events and explore prisons to get many free rewards.

Summoners War for PC, Android, and iOS offers eye-catching graphics. The game devices are efficient and players have outstanding likelihood at dominating fights with the strategy.

You have a vast range of monsters to select for your team. You can develop your monsters and make a team that will win every fight there.

One of the great features about this RPG strategy game is that you can choose a team of demons for each dungeon. You have the best alternative to choose your demons at the bottom of the screen.

Easy-To-Boost Skills

One of the major components of this game is to augment the skills of your monsters. Whether you play on a computer (Mac or Windows) or on a mobile device, you can’t develop until you upgrade your demons.

Here are some tips to assist you upgrade your skills:

Nourish your monster as soon as you can

If you have an unawakened demon, nourish it to an awakened demon of the same name for a bigger skill boost

Feed a Devilmom to any of your demons to enhance its skills

Get Mystical Scrolls to Level Up Your Monsters

You have to Mystical scrolls to win battles. These scrolls provide you all the power you want. Here’s how you can obtain them:

  • Purchase Premium Packs
  • Obtain a Start Pack
  • Gather Glory Points to get Mystical scrolls
  • You obtain Mystical scrolls as a reward for doing missions
  • They drop arbitrarily in B4 and dungeons     
  • You can purchase them at the Shop
  • Events always give you an opportunity to get Mystical scrolls

 Spend Crystals Wisely and Beat All Your Friends

Crystals are crucial in Summoners War. Like other Windows, Android, and iOS RPG games, you have to be sure that you spend these crystals carefully.

Preferably, you should use your first 300 crystals on a Summoners pack. After that, you can make use of Crystals to upgrade your Shop.

Some players might also would like to use Crystals to purchase Premium Packs. Later in the game, every player should spend Crystals on Double Exp.


Summoners War is a creature-collection game. You emerge your demons and fight with your friends for glory.

Thus, you can play Summoners War on a PC (Windows and Mac), Android, and iPhone.

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