Subnautica below zero farming indoor plants and food crops

This subnautica below zero game is from unknown world entertainment. The game is based upon farming and you can learn more about planting and food crops. When you start playing game you will feel surprise about this game when you lost in both marvelous and terrifying aquatic worlds. Nowadays players were facing more issue while selecting which indoors plants and food crops to farm. This article is based Subnautica below zero farming indoor plants and food crops

Lists of indoor plants and food crops

We tell you our opinion to survive on planet 4546B it is one of the best resource you can use it in your game.


Guys planting Chinese potato plant will be not difficult for you and to get this you have to visit marguerit greenhouse and get success after completing this successfully you can able to plant Chinese potatoes. And these plants play a vital role ,surviving  in a totally unknow place especially plants like Chinese potatoes provide about +3 water also +12 food . YES!!!   It a small  bounce but it provides you great fuel for your bioreactor

LOCATION : marguerite’s greenhouse in mercury II bow wreckage

YEILDS: Chinese potatoes


    Those who play the Subnautic  for a while know that this is a towering plant that helps to get for namesake hot peppers

These FEVERED PEPPER TREE fruits gives you with +15 food , +20 water and +50 heat. Also you can use these craft spicy fruit salad.

 LOCATION :  artic spires , glacial bay , glacial basin ,west artic , east artic

YIELDS : fevered pepper  


    In early stages, horseshoe shrubs are one of the easy way to farm and most acceptable food in subnautica below zeros planet 4546B . for this you should visit outpost zero, from there you can harvest  your shrub nuts , however you can find also the first pieces of the habitat builder , these includes different grow pots etc.. this resources provides you +10 health, +5 water, and +15 foods it is the only among few foods that provides all the needs of basic for survive.

 LOCATION :  marguerit’s greenhouse in delta is lsland outpost

YIELDS:  shrub nuts


    This tree is a former member of the original subnautica it entry makes in subnautica below zero. This lantern trees are twisted typically trunks that will drop in lantern fruits , moreover,  this is edible you can eat this as raw and you will gain energy +15 food with along +74 heat  therefore this lantern tree provides you with sufficient amount of fruit .So these are steady fuel supply for your bioreactor

 LOCATION:  outpost zero

YIELDS; lantern fruit  


             This plant need will live undersea this plant will give you more melons in some certain periods. But point is you have to farm this marblemelon plant then you have to visit marguerit’s greenhouse to visit there you have to complete some particular level in this game

It gives you profit you will get +12 food and +14 water by getting this melons your hunger and thirst will cure easily you no need to do any fishing or operate water filtration machine

LOCATION: marguerite greenhouse

YIELDS: marblemelons

  • Preston plant

This is a new addition you can see this in marguerit greenhouse which is similar to marblemelon and Chinese potato. You will need two different yield to crop this and it will be only grown in open air pot.

This plant gives you fruit called preston delight it will give you +15 foods and +15 watrer. Also you can create a yummy spicy fruit salad by combining preston plant leaf and fevered pepper. This dish will give you +100 heat, +85 food and +30 water

LOCATION: marguerit greenhouse

YIELDS: preston delight with preston plant leaf


In this article we have seen Subnautica below zero farming indoor plants and food crops, how to start farming in indoors and food crops. If you need guide about how to grow fish in indoor comment me in below section. Do chcek out top games

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