Steps to Get Bald Head Filter on Snapchat

Snap chat is most popular video playing app which was used by lot of people and they were impressed with its something innovative filters after some long days it comes with animal face filters which was liked by from small child to adult. Recently one new filter named bald head becomes more popular and added in many users account. It will be very funny to watch people without hair. If you are trying to use this filter then this guide will be helpful for you. Here we are going to see how to get bald head filter on snapchat. The snapchat will give you to find and use bald head with easy instructions. We tell you Steps to Get Bald Head Filter on Snapchat


         This bald head filter also in TikTok many people are asking how they can use this filter. But in snapchat this named differently. The snapchat the filter of this name is bald character may be many of few fail to found the correct filter for this

In this article we will tell you Steps to Get Bald Head Filter on Snapchat

  1. At first you have to install the snapchat application
  2. Then open the app 
  3.  Next you have to open your camera you can able to see camera icon in your application , and click on explore
  4. Now you can see search bar there type “bald” your search result will be displayed
Steps to Get Bald Head Filter on Snapchat
  1. Then show your face in the screen the filter works now you will see your face with bald head
  2. Then you have to click on shutter button to click a bald photo of yourself

If you select for bald filter then you can see for heart icon. By clicking on it then this it will be added into your favorite lists. Then whenever you want you can use filter without searching. After everything done clicking that photo you can able to see the option to send this as snap to any one of your friends. There is also an option to save this picture in your gallery


This article is just a fun guide you can use this filter have fun in it. We hope this article will be useful for you. we hope now learned about Steps to Get Bald Head Filter on Snapchat

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