Steps to changing apple ID by using homepod

In apple homepod you can able to experience different types of features like play music and access to apple music subscription. But you can use this on only Apple ID and having active subscriptions. Here we going to see Steps to changing apple ID by using homepod

This homepod is the speaker device from apple which is related to SIRI voice assistant it will allow voice commands to play music. You can use this homepod in many different ways like making call, send and receiving message, alarms and listen songs from apple music store iTunes and also it supports for Spotify. Guys to switch between Apple ID for active subscription if you want to stream some music in apple homepod is using apple users subscriptions through apple ID.

Let us see more about homepod. This homepod will use your apple ID to connect Apple music official app why because to stream your music and to podcast at the starting setup. And also if you do not have for active subscription then you can’t able to stream online songs and only you can able to access to limited local pre-install music. After app was updated we can’t able to do nothing guys cool we tell you how to use multiple apple account to use the content on homepod. We tell you how

If you are primary user then you can able to change your Apple ID in homepod. Guys you have setup your homepod in nutshell we tell you the process. We tell you how

  • At first you have to open home app in your device
  • Then go to your connected homepod
  • Now you have to press and hols the homepod icon where you can see under favourite accessaries
  • Now you can see new tab in your screen it is a dedicated menu and will get access the settings for homepod
  • Next go music and podcast and then click on default account option
  • Then you have to click on sign- out button
  • Finally you have to click on sign-in button and log in by using your some different Apple ID login and sign in


That’s it guys now you have learned Steps to changing apple ID by using homepod. By following this process you were allowed to use multiple ID’s you can do this without any agreement in your primary Apple ID. This feature will add other user via which you can stream the apple music or podcasts in your homepod. Also check best podcast apps, apple Id , new launch apps for apple

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