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What is an SS USB port

Day by day new inventions are launching flash drivers or SS USB ports. It will be used in computers, smart phones etc. USB port is a small port which it allows to connect to different types of peripherals. Depending upon your device you have to choose your ports whether it is one or more ports. USB is called as universal serial bus you can experience high speed in this. It is also called USB 3.0 it means third version of USB. To say more clearly USB are of four type they are bulk, control, isochronous, and interrupt these protocol of electrical interface was varied. Here below we will tell you some of the benefits of SS USB compared with others.

  • Let us talk about speed it contains super speed of 5gbps which is similar to PCI express 2.0 and SATA 2.0
  • It has high bandwidth this is the best thing when compared to other usb it works faster, one to receive data and another to transmit data
  •  It will manage your power even if you turn off your laptop or pc you can use the port as power adapter to charge your other device. it will be more useful for you
  • Newly they have added protocol called streaming protocol it will allow a large number of logical streams to meet an endpoint  

Size and looks

Rectangular USB connector is around 0.65 cm and 1.4 cm in length. Also may be varied depends upon position and design. Depending upon device USB port location will be varied. Smartphone or tablet will have USB in a bottom side of a device.

Most USB ports have a thin white slice that’s located in the middle of the USB port encircled by open space and finally by a black or silver surface around the edges. You can also see gold metal lines visible inside the port. These color are not just made for decorations some ports will do smart things to shown difference they have coated with colours.

How to identify USB port in your computer

Method 1:

  • Now a days there are two types of USB cable in computers
  • USB A – it is first and most common type is the standard rectangular shaped port it is also called (commonly USB A).these thing you can found in desktops and large size laptops.
  • USB c- this type is called oval shaped type c port. This is in smaller type you can use this in slimmer laptop like new macbook and dell xps series

Method 2

  • The difference between USB version and its transfer rate is its power. Transfer rate means it is maximum rate in which the USB device can able to transfer data from one end to another.

USB 3.0

Compared to others users feel USB 3.0 is good it is faster than 2.0. This USB speed is around 300mb it also works in better in power usage. It can take over 900mA power.


If you have bought new laptop it will have at least one USB 3.0 port. Older laptops will have one USB 3.0 and 2 USB 2.0 ports. Before placing port make sure that you have 3.0 port here we will tell you how.

On windows

  • To open a run dialog press window key + R then type devmgmt.msc and type enter
What is an SS USB port
  • In device manager, just scroll down where you can see universal serial bus controller click on it expand then you can see ASmedia USB3.0  extensible host controller -0.96 and down USB root hub (USB 3.0)

On mac

  • First click on the apple icon which is located at the left corner of the screen and then select About this mac
  • Click on about this mac screen, then select system report. Remember that you are using OS X 10.9 or below then click on more info
  • Now in system report information click on hardware then expand the USB tab
  • Same like windows USB port also defined upon its types. Now you have confirm that you have USB 3.0 by checking its item has USB 3.0 in the title
  •  Also you can identify USB 3.0 by its logo and colour.

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