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How to Speed Up Loading Thumbnails on Windows 10?

If you are having lot of photos and videos in your mobile phone then it becomes harder while opening it get stuck. Here we going to share you How to Speed Up Loading Thumbnails on Windows 10. Normal days we can able to handle but in emergency situation urgently we want to send any files if it hangs then we will be more irritated. They are saying that window 10 keeps cache data of all folder to load them quickly but it is not true.

If you are storing more and more files in your pc the data cache will starts affecting this was the reason that the file explorer taking time to load thumbnail to display also it may happen that your system starts showing incorrect preview and thumbnail. Let us see the possible ways to How to Speed Up Loading Thumbnails on Windows 10?

Enable Thumbnail Option

Sometimes it will cause some fault in windows settings it may slowdown thumbnail loading time. Here we tell you how to fix

  • At first click on start menu and types control panel
  • Your search result will be shown in that select control panel and then click on system and security
  • Now click on system where you can see on left pane then click on advanced system settings
Enable Thumbnail Option
  • Now on the advanced system settings tab click for system properties
  • Now click on settings which you can see from performance option
  • Then enable for “show thumbnails instead of icons”
  • If already check once again uncheck and check again
  • Finally click on apply and ok

Rebuild Search Index

Windows file explorer index your files whenever you create or add a new folder this will allow you to easily find your files quickly but if thumbnails are not loading then your search index will not show up to date. This method will help to improve speed in thumbnail. Here we tell you how

  • At first click on start menu and type indexing options
  • Now interface tab will open there click on advanced settings
Speed Up Loading Thumbnails
  • Then click on rebuild to delete and rebuild indexes
  • Finally restart your pc and check

Configure Group Policy

Windows 10 has permit users to improve settings via group policy. So you have to check that thumbnail caching option has properly enabled or not. Here we tell you how

  • At first click on start menu then type group policy and click on enter
  • Now edit group policy window tab will open there go to path: user configuration -> windows components -> file explorer
  • Then locate “ turn off the caching of thumbnails in hidden thumbs.db files”
Speed Up Loading Thumbnails
  • Now double click and open properties
  • Now look it should be set for “enabled “ if it set for not configured then change it
How to Speed Up Loading Thumbnails on Windows 10
  • Finally click for apply and ok
  • Restart your pc to save changes

4. Modify Thumbnail Cache Size

By simply changing the thumbnail cache size you can increase the speed thumbnail loading time its default icon cache size will be near 500kb increase its size here we tell you how

  • At first open window + R now it will open run dialog box
  • There type “regedit” and click on enter then registry editor will be open
  • If it was prompt by UAC then click yes for permission
  • Now navigate to the below given path


  • Now on the right pane just right click on the empty space and click new
  • Now select the string value option then give new value “maximum cached icon”
How to Speed Up Loading Thumbnails on Windows 10
  • Now editing string window will open there type the value 4096 and click ok
How to Speed Up Loading Thumbnails on Windows 10

It will create 4mb of cache file for thumbnail this process is for to increase speed also you can enter higher value 8194 to create high thumbnail cache size

5. Check Registry Values

By checking the registry values properly you can increase speed in thumbnail loading time. We recommend you to keep a backup for your files before doing anything. Here we tell you how

Speed Up Loading Thumbnails
  • At first window + R it will open run dialog box
Speed Up Loading Thumbnails
  • There just type “regedit” and click on enter now it will open registry editor
  • If it is prompt by UAC then click yes to allow permission
  • Now navigate to this below given path

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\VolumeCaches\Thumbnail Cache

  • Now you can see two values on the screen which is default and autorun
  • Double click on autorun and change the value as zero ( 0 )


I hope the above given methods will solve your issue

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