Smart Life App For PC Windows7/8/10 & Mac Free Download

Smart Life is a savvy and astute home control application that makes it feasible for clients to live and assemble a clever existence easily. This application can just work flawlessly on PCs that run Android applications with the guide of Android emulators.

What is Smart Life application?

Besides, By utilizing wireless associations, you can interface the entirety of your keen gadgets and contraptions. At that point Smart Life application assists with controlling the entirety of your associated gadgets without any problem. Hence, Smart Life application has a ton of highlights to control your savvy gadgets and devices from anyplace.

With the Smart Life application, clients can control their home machines distantly regardless of where they are. The application likewise permits clients to utilize voice orders and get criticism progressively.

Key Features Of Smart Life App For PC

Far off For Multiple Device

With this component, the entirety of your gadget that bolsters this product can be associated with it. You don’t need to believe that you need an individual far off for every gadget or machine at your home since you can deal with every one of them from this product.

Voice Control Support

In the event that you don’t feel like physically tapping the capacity of the application, you can set it to tune in to your voice and provide it an order.

Programmed Turn On Or Off Your Appliances

The controller isn’t the main capacity that it can do yet additionally the programmed start or stop of a particular gadget. You can likewise set a condition-explicit based order, for example, by time, area, and even room temperature.

Offer It

It permits you to impart your gadgets to anybody that you offer admittance to, including your relatives.

Ongoing Notification

The Smart Life application is fit for sending you a warning continuously so that regardless of whether you are away from your home, you will realize what precisely is occurring on your gadgets.

Simple Integration

It is anything but difficult to associate your Tuya brilliant gadgets into this application in only a couple steps. You don’t should be nerd to associate it.

Changing Lights

There’s likewise an alternative that lets you change the light of your Tuya gadget. You can apply any shading that you needed from its shading palette.

Why Use The Smart Life App?

In the event that you have Tuya gadgets, it typical that you should utilize a distant application for it. Despite the fact that you can even now utilize it without this product, it is in every case better to have it so you can generally control your gadgets without contacting them truly.

To utilize it is additionally truly simple and needn’t bother with any extravagant or confounded settings since you can associate your gadget immediately from this product. This application is additionally exceptionally well known, and their help can be reached in the event that you need some assistance.


  • It gives you an update about your gadgets.
  • The application stacks rapidly.
  • It has a benevolent UI and simple to utilize.


  • In a few cases, voice control can’t perceive your order.
  • There’s no alternative to change the secret word of your gadget.

The most effective method to Download And Install Smart Life App On Windows PC/Mac

As we talked about over, the Smart Life application is just accessible for Android and iOS. The installer for Windows or Mac is as of now not accessible.

Be that as it may, you can in any case run the Smart Life application on your PC in the event that you utilize an emulator program. To be more exact, you need an Android emulator.

Despite the fact that there’s an iOS emulator, we suggest utilizing the Android form rather on the grounds that it is more open and simpler to introduce.

Presently, before we instruct you to introduce it, first, you should peruse the accompanying data beneath to ensure that your PC can run it before you consider introducing it.

  • You need to guarantee that you have a double center processor on your PC. In the event that you utilize a solitary center processor or an old PC, you can’t run it appropriately.
  • Check the slam introduced on your PC. It must have in excess of 4 GB or something bad might happen; you won’t have the option to run an emulator appropriately.
  • If your hard drive space is under 10 GB, it is consistently fitting to let loose some of it to guarantee that you have a breathable space.
  • You need to introduce the most recent .Net system and Visual C++ to guarantee the similarity of the emulator. Remember that this is just relevant for individuals who use Windows.
  • Check on the off chance that you have just introduced the most recent drivers of your designs card. This is to ensure that you won’t experience graphical glitches later on.
  • See on the off chance that you have just empowered the virtualization innovation. If not, you need to divert it on from the BIOS in light of the fact that it can upgrade the emulator speed and to make it smoother.

Presently, when you have it introduced and your equipment is superior to the accompanying, you would now be able to introduce the Smart Life application on your PC utilizing an emulator.

Introducing BlueStacks Emulator

There are numerous emulators on the web. Be that as it may, our most suggested one is the BlueStacks on the grounds that it is quick and viable with most Android programming, for example, the Smart Life application.

The establishment is additionally simple and straightforward; you simply need to follow the means beneath.

  • Get the installer of the BlueStacks emulator. In the event that you need more data about this, check this connection.
Smart Life App For PC

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  • After you got a duplicate of the installer, open it to begin the establishment.
  • Read the subtleties on your screen and acknowledge its permit understanding.
  • Click the “Introduce” catch to begin the establishment of BlueStacks.
  • During the establishment, you need to ensure that you are associated with the web in light of the fact that the BlueStacks will interface with its worker to download different documents.
  • Once the establishment is finished, you can check the easy route of the BlueStacks from your work area and open it.
Smart Life App For PC
  • Now, go to Play Store and open it, since this is the first occasion when that you will open it, it will request your record.
  • Enter your Gmail account. You can begin matching up your applications or not to download it naturally or simply skip it.
  • Now, open the Play Store window again and click the hunt bar.
Smart Life App For PC
  • Type the Smart Life application from it and afterward open its page.
  • Click the “Introduce” or “Download” button from it and pause.
  • In thusly, the Smart Life will be introduced on PC, check your work area for its easy route and double tap it to begin it.


Is there a utilization of a Smart Life application that can be utilized without the utilization of an emulator?

Tragically, there’s nothing as existing apart from everything else. The best way to download and run it from your PC is to utilize an emulator program. Nonetheless, when its group has delivered a variant for Windows/Mac, we will refresh this guide.

Will I get a PC malware or infection on the off chance that I introduce the emulator?

It relies upon the emulator, that is the reason we suggest utilizing just the BlueStacks in light of the fact that another Android emulator has a bundleware of a conceivably undesirable program that can cause issues. The BlueStacks don’t have it, so you can guarantee that it is protected to utilize.

The BlueStacks freeze my PC, how to fix it?

The fundamental purpose behind this is on the grounds that your PC probably won’t be ground-breaking enough to run it. See the subtleties above to discover the suggested specs of your PC.

I can’t associate my gadget from the Smart Life application introduced on my PC; if you don’t mind help.

Not everything gadgets can be associated with the Smart Life application. Notwithstanding, in the event that you are utilizing Tuya savvy gadgets, and you are extremely certain that it is viable with this application, ensure that your gadget is associated with the WiFi hotspot of your home.

Savvy Life Alternatives

• Mi Home

This is a Smart home administration application like Smart Life that allows clients to screen, oversee, and control their Xiaomi environment including gadgets like smartwatches, morning timers, lights, surveillance cameras, and so on The Mi Home application is profoundly natural and guarantees that clients are in charge of all their Xiaomi items any time, at any rate.

• Google Home

This Smart Life elective is a keen home control application that lets clients set up and control all their Google Home gadgets, for example, Chromecast, Chromecast Audio, and parts more. The application additionally proves to be useful in the control of incalculable home items, for example, indoor regulators, lights, and so on, and underpins voice order.

• Geeni App

This is a home control application like Smart Life that empowers clients to control their home machines, for example, bulbs, cameras, fittings, and parcels more. This application makes it simple for clients to have a savvy home and deal with their associated gadgets whenever and anyplace. It is viable with all Geeni-empowered savvy gadgets.

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With the Smart Life PC application and its other options, clients can control all their home apparatuses and gadgets effortlessly and accommodation!

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