sleep capsule in realme 2.0 how to use it in realme

Before year google has released android 11 OS version in public many users feel experience and has many improvement in features. Now let us talk about realme brand it is called as budget to mid-budget segment android smartphone. This real UI 2.0 is currently running in android 11 for all realme device from all over the world. In this article we going to see what is sleep capsule in realme 2.0 how to use it in realme

Realme UI which was inspired by oppo colorOS skin it contains stock-like for android users. In this modern generation all has changed as online and cloud based all the people was busy with their smartphones finally it cause to reduces direct human interaction and more

People were having no idea to what do in the critical situation because of this mobile and internet world. Also due COVID -19 people were getting into depressed. To protect users from the depressed realme UI and the team were working to find the way.

 I have to say this nowadays many people using their mobile for 24 hours including me. So that most the people were addict to mobile gaming, streaming media or chatting online because of it users were affected more guys sleep is very important to live a healthy lifestyle.

Because of this reason realme has introduced sleep capsule it will help you to sleep better and you try to reduce your phone while sleeping. The work of this app is it will allow users to use the apps only limited in the night time, when you have enabled for this feature

Then you will automatically stop reduce to use apps and you will stay away from mobile phones. It will useful for you in many ways you can focus on other good things.

How to use sleep capsule in realme

Realme has also added a feature named “realme lab” also called as realme laboratory where you can see under testing phase. After enabling this option you cannot be able to open unwanted apps, sending message and other actions. Let us see how to use

If you want to add the apps which you want to use compulsory then we tell you how. There is an option called list of allowed application like whatsapp, gmail, settings and as per your wish  


we hope this article sleep capsule in realme 2.0 how to use it in realme will be useful for you. Also solved to download realme system launcher, MTK exploit tool pc, aqua dongle setup

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