Simple hacks to strengthen your online security on android

Mobile phones will not always be same it will lose performance after few years. Iphone gives us best security but not android phones it loses it’s confident. This was the reason you have to know some hacks to protect your android mobile. You can also protect it by using some VPN applications. Now let us see Simple hacks to strengthen your online security on android

All the hackers were trying their level best to hack you. According to the research more than 70 percent of the people were using android mobile phones and it can be easily get hacked.

How can I strengthen my online security on android

We tell you some of the top most hacks please follow it to improve your device security and privacy. Here for you

Using two-factor authentication

If you want to keep your android device protected then you have to opt for two factor authentication 2FA. By doing this it will protect your device from everything. It is highly recommended to enable 2FA, we tell you how

  • At first you have to go to android device settings
  • Next also go to google and then google account
  • Then you have to select signing into google and press 2FA.
  • Then you have to press get started button and then follow the steps to have 2FA.

Getting a virtual private network (VPN)

Use VPN feature to protect your device and in online. VPN provides you feature called ad-blocker and protect you from malicious websites. It will not allow any third parties to access your device. best VPN is express VPN

Update your android device

I already said that an outdated device can be easily hacked. Always you have to keep device updated. 

Get an antivirus

By installing antivirus you can protect your android device. This antivirus is a software which protect your device from malware. So it is important for you to install antivirus

Skip using public WI-FI

You have to skip using public Wi-Fi or connecting to unknown Bluetooth connection. But using public WI-FI is not so safe even if you don’t use mobile data you will lose mobile data.

Having more than a single account on your android device

Guys do you know when users across the world have been using android device for a long time you have no idea about android device it will separate your accounts same like windows. We already know that every account is connected to separate google account

Don’t accept all notification and permission

Guys we suggest you to not to accept notification and permission without reading them. Every app you install it will access your contacts, photo gallery. We hope this article Simple hacks to strengthen your online security on android will be useful for you

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