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Share your Screen With Slack for PC Windows & Mac

Here I will tell you step by step procedure to how to share your screen with slack. Before starting remember that sharing your screen will work on all apps for both windows and ios. But browser based slack will not allow to share screen. This slack screen sharing is not available on android and ios and chromebook users. On this can be used in window and macOS computers. Before starting remember that only one person can share their screen if more people try to share screen while in video call then one have to stop.

How To Share Your Screen In Slack?

  • At first open the slack app and launch it on your pc
  • Now within a group you have to select a channel to where you want to share your screen otherwise under direct message you can select your recipient to share a screen.
  • Now on the right side you can see “details icon” click on it and select a call if is it a channel otherwise you can also click on phone icon in a DM to start a video call
  • Now slack will automatically starts an audio call the users have to switch on their camera from both caller and the receiver. To turn on camera tap on “video camera”
  • If you are a start then you only want to share your screen to all just click on “share your screen” button then it will join to next to the mic, video, cut, emoji etc.


  • Start a video call
  • Now you can see share screen which is located at the bottom of the call window. The person who share their screen his/her image will be disabled also slack message notification will also get mute
Share your screen with slack
  • If you are using in computer then you will have options dual screen you can select any of it
Share your screen with slack
  • After finish you have to click on the share screen option once again to stop now you will go back to the normal video mode. 

What is screen Sharing

Screen sharing is the method where you can share screen your computer screen and other users can also see your screen like online presentation, meetings, share data, to explain software process. This feature is will be very useful while handling complex, visually –oriented data. This screen sharing will be useful for the person who explain about software, working with a team to produce final work, to organize virtual meeting or group chat time and also to provide some technical support to remote customers.


  • Improved in more productive remote work this reduces work how far your team is you can work in same screen
  • Single picture will explain thousand words
  • Good clarity in training and technical support

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