Send large files in online with a new subscription –free service

At one point we all need to send our information in online like sharing work files, sending media and transferring folder and more. See it is not easy to do it becomes challenging while sending large files and folders through the internet. You have to use heartbreaking zipping procedure when your file is larger than a gigabyte or you have to go for cloud storage and that you may end up with using only at once. But it is quite ok not an issue. Here we going to see Send large files in online with a new subscription free service

There is a new online service named filewhopper by using it you can share all large files and folder easily. Also you can transfer files and folders without using long term subscription. This service is using pay-as-you-go model it will allow you to pay just for your one –off transfer which depend upon your file size. Let us see more about filewhopper

User experience

One of the best thing in this is it is easy to use and mainly you will save more time by using it because you no need to compress your file, folder which you want to send. You no need to use any other software in compressing. Additionally it will avoid all the errors and potential data damage it may happen while zipping your data

Their service will supports us in uploading and downloading file. In this method the recipient of your file or folder no need to wait for upload or completion process

What you have to do is start downloading the tiny filewhopper app at once you auto delete it work is done. So you no need to deal with heavy software eating your space in pc and no need to worry about where to locate and remove it later

Also this filewhopper will save the progress if any interruption occur in your connection your process upload or download will be resumed from where you have left

Data safety

Before transferring your file in online make sure that your data will be safe. It is very important thing have to give take serious if you have sensitive information. This filewhopper contains encryption for high security it is now currently available zero knowledge encryption it means that the filewhopper team nothing know about your data which going through their server

Your every transfer is secured with password and it can be access by only you and your file recipient. The password is either generated by itself or it can be choose by the sender. Filewhopper will never know your password and no one can able to access it. It is highly secured

Extra on demand

This app is very straight forward it will not bug you with unnecessary features they will provide you more features which you need. Let me tell you one example if you want to add more recipients in your transfer list like up to 6 for an extra free then you can see the option to add extra 14 days of file storage and additionally five download in your transfer package. By storing your file in this filewhopper server you can keep it for 90 days and it can be downloaded for three times

Flexible payments

This filewhopper has very attractive payment system. Best thing is you no need to go for any subscription so if want to make one-off transfer simply want to test the service out, without signing for anything you can do that. You will be needed to pay for this file or folder that you were sending currently based on your file size. At once you have uploaded your file in filewhopper it will automatically calculate your fees and you will come to know what amount that you have to pay exactly. Another best thing in this app is it allow you to decide who want to pay for your transfer really guys it is special feature  

First transfer is free

If you are new to this app then they giving you a free transfer for up to 5 GB. So without any of your financial expenditure you can try all of the feature in this service. You can also visit to their webpage and check it.


Keep remember that your first 5GB is free you can send large file and folder fast and secure. We hope now you know how to Send large files in online with a new subscription free service

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