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Roku Express Review 2021: All You Need To Know

Roku Express is the most reasonable and least exclusive streaming device (priced at $29.99) in the Roku family. Debuted in 2016, it achieves completely the same things as other Roku streaming devices. It outputs the video at 1080p, a feature which is hard to treasure on a streaming device at this rate. As it is a cheaper device, it has few problems like it has the basic infrared remote control, slower performance than Roku Streaming Stick and fewer channels.

Roku Express Specifications

Max UI Resolution720p
Max Playback Resolution1080p
HDR SupportNo
Size1.5″ x 3″
AudioDigital stereo
DTS Digital Surround
Dolby Audio and Atmos
Wi-Fi802.11bgn single-band wireless

What’s Included in the Package?

Laterally with device, you would get the ensuing things

  • Adhesive mounting strip
  • Remote control
  • 2 AAA batteries
  • 5″ HDMI cable
  • USB cable with AC adapter

How to Setup Roku Express?

The Express device would work on any TV with an HDMI port.

Step 1: Activate your Roku Express to the TV by using the HDMI cable.

Roku Express Review

Step 2: Use the USB cable to power your Roku done AC Adapter or TV’s USB port. For uninterrupted power flow, your want to power the device via an AC adapter.

Roku Express Review

Step 3: Addition the two AAA batteries on your Roku remote.

Step 4: Go on your TV and ensure that your Roku streaming device is in the line of sight for the infrared remote.

Step 5: Modification the source on your TV to HDMI.

Step 6: Roku logo would appear on the screen. From there, go finished the on-screen prompts to set up the device.

Channels in Roku Express

Nearly, 4000 applications are accessible for Roku Express. All the channels on Roku could be installed freely. Then, some of the media contents inside the app might require an active subscription to stream media contents. At this time are some of the popular channels that you can download on Roku Express.

On-demand contents: Netflix, Disney+, Apple TV Plus, Showtime, Hulu, CBS Access, HBO NOW and several more.

Free TV: The CW, PBS, NBC News, Tubi TV and several more.

Music: Pandora, Tune In, Spotify, iHeart Radio, Amazon Music and more.

Sports: ESPN+, Fox Sports, CBS Sports, NBC Sports and more

Roku Express Remote and Roku App

As the device is the easy version on Roku family, Roku Express remote do not funding voice command, volume options, TV power, and headphone jack.

To have more control on your Roku Express, you could download Roku mobile app on Android and iOS devices. It functions as a remote control to download & launch channels, appreciate private listening, cast media contents from smartphones and more. Like other Roku remotes, you would have four shortcut buttons for streaming services like Sling TV, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, Vudu and more.

To Conclude

At $29.99, the Roku Express is very convincing. It suggestions more functions than Google Chromecast which is accessible at the same price. The lower processing power means Express is tough to navigate with, than the Roku Streaming Stick. If you are flexible with the budget, spend extra $20 to buy Roku Streaming Stick. Together, Roku Express is a decent option for users who need a streaming device at a cheaper rate.

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