Reasons why your phone charging so slow

Nowadays it is very difficult to find a solution if our phone causes some problems or faults after used for a year. Day by day technology is growing and almost reached in a peak still now we were facing some problems in our phone and focusing for reasons that cause damage. Here we going to see about five reasons why your phone charging so slow

Smart phones has the ability to do lot more things by itself. At the same time it eats lot of energy so whenever your phone you see that your phone gets slow charging this was the reason behind it. We tell you what

Incompatible in charging device

If your mobile taking too much time to charge then the problem may also be in your charging device, yes guys we telling about your power adapter, USB cable or power supply. We should be careful to maintain cables we are using USB cables to charge our many multiple devices sometimes we don’t take care for it if you were facing this issue then you have to remove it and insert them into other device and check it if not then the problem is in cable only.

Next is you power adapter you can change adapter and try using it or else you can also use extensible device, change your power source. By charging your phone from direct supply you can find where the problem occurs

Fault in charging ports

In your phone ports were easily get damage by anything so you have to handle it very carefully it also will create problem while charging. Some people will use multiple USB ports to charge their device due to this reason our phone ports will get damage.

Check your port whether it has get damage or it is flowing out of charge at first when we connect our device to cable it allows charge flow then after some time it gets loose and stops charging. At this situation you can repair your device charging port and you can use permanently.

Background apps draining charge

Do you know that your background app will eat more power from your device. Some apps will have high battery usage when you use for a long time sometimes when you use not more it will consume more power

In that situation you have to go to device settings and check what are all the apps consuming more power find and uninstall them or you can force stop or remove them in your background

Using phone while charging

Guys really it is very danger people will use their mobile phone while in call or scrolling some news or watching videos this will cause damage to mobile phone also for humans the only way to solve is leaving your phone for rest while in charge.

Defective battery

Nowadays batteries are made of lithium–ions which comes with only limited number of charges so the problem may in your battery you have to change your battery because it has become old.

Also you have to alert while choosing battery you should not insert duplicate one this will spoil your usage experience so go to service centre and buy quality one it will increase your battery performance and durability


You should be very gentle while plugging your phone into USB because only to avoid unwanted damage to your phone. You can also share your tips with us please comment in below section.  We hope now you have learned Reasons why your phone charging so slow

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