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Reddit is a social discussing platform, wherein many people from all over the world come to discuss on some issues that they post on they timeline. You can also vote others comments and express your views on it. It is actually one of the most popular websites on the internet as of today. Many people are starting to use Reddit, similar to other social networking apps.

As of today, the number of users logging are getting more and more day by day.

The best thing about this Reddit app is that kids can also use this app and increase their knowledge power. It exposes them to many social issues and the current scenario that is taking place in this world right now. Also, there is a private mode feature that lets you filter contents based on the viewers.

How To Quote On Reddit

If you wish to quote on Reddit, please follow these simple and easy steps:

  • Go to your Reddit page
  • Click on any post to open it
  • Now, search for the comment that you wish to quote
  • Suppose you wish to quote the main post, you will be able to see at the top of the thread
  • Choose the portion that you would like to quote
  • Now, copy the quote that you have selected
  • Then, select the Quotation icon, which will create a quote box
  • Now paste your section that you have copied from the main or original post
  • Now, the quote that you have copied, will appear to the right of the quote box
  • Then, close the quote box
  • Click on the enter key to begin a fresh line
  • Then press the Backspace key ignore the quote formatting.
  • Now, add your response text. Enter your message here
  • Now hit Comment, which is a button that you will find in the bottom right of the text box
  • Now, this will post your quote as well as your comment in your Reddit page


Some of the features of the Reddit app are as follows:

  • It a very popular website
  • It is mainly used for discussing certain issues related to the society, world, education or other stuff
  • It is a trust worthy and a safe application platform to use
  • You have the option to hide comments from your account
  • There is a special spam button
  • It is absolutely free of cost to use
  • You get a know a lot of things that are happening around the world today


Reddit is one of the fastest growing social collaborating websites in the internet today. Many people are now becoming aware of today’s current works going on in this world. You can also get to know many people and their social thought process and activities. And safe as well as a trust worthy app.

I would suggest you all to quickly create an account in Reddit and start socializing with everyone. This is also a knowledge gaining platform. I am a user of Reddit for the past two years and I love their features so much.

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