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How to use Peloton app on apple tv

Apple is one of the most famous and renowned company in this whole world and can be used for various types of activities. Be it your school work, college work or office work, if you have an Apple product at your home, college or your workplace, you can do many wonders with it.

It has good features like voice control called Siri. It has a very large storage, that lets you store many files and documents and carry them with you wherever you go.

AirPlay is a part of Apple company, wherein you will be able to stream music and video among various devices in your home, office, etc.


Some of the features of Apple TV are as follows:

Peloton app on apple tv
  • It is a streaming platform wherein you will be able to hear music, watch videos, etc and various other types of videos from the Internet and view them on your TV
  • There are many different models of the Apple TV, usually, 2 are the most famous ones
  • Very dedicated and a versatile app platform
  • It also has a voice control feature, called Siri
  • Many different types of games can also be played using Apple TV
  • If you wish to listen to music only by yourself, you can do so by hearing them all by yourself, by pairing your Apple TV with AirPod
  • AirPlay makes it more easier to see videos on a full screen, by sharing the video on to some other electronic devices such as a TV, so that you will be able to see those videos on a bigger and wider screen


If you wish to pair Peloton app in with your Apple TV, please follow these simple steps as indicated below:

  • Take your iPhone and swipe up from the bottom of your screen. This will open the Control centre in your mobile phone
Peloton app on apple tv
  • Click on the AirPlay symbol
  • Choose the option Apple TV among the list of the devices displayed
  • Now, click on the Peloton app on your iPhone.
Peloton app on apple tv
  • Then, the same app what you have selected in your iPhone will be displayed in your Apple TV

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Apple is one of the best companies in the whole world in terms of electronics such as mobile phones, headphones, MP3 players and so on. Also, Apple Music is a platform where you will be able to find almost millions of songs, all for free. 

Apple company also has a good customer care service that will always be helpful to you in times of need. I have been using most of the Apple products and they all satisfy my needs and never let me down anytime. I would suggest you all to try out the latest and coolest features of Apple and I am sure that you will also start loving them.

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