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How to Get OneDrive for Linux | Easy Ways

One of the missed out features in Linux is the standard Windows PC applications like Mail, OneDrive as they do not come preinstalled. In each Windows PC, all the Microsoft applications would be pre-installed. Though you created a switch from Windows to Linux, you want to install a lot of applications manually. If you need to use OneDrive on Linux, you require to do some workarounds.

As OneDrive support 5GB of free cloud storage to each user, it is one of the must-have apps. With the 5GB storage, you could free up your disk space and store files on your cloud.

OneDrive for Linux

As of here, the OneDrive application is not accessible for any Linux distribution. But you could use Insync third party tool on Linux to access the OneDrive. Like Insync, a lot of tools accessible like Onedrived or Rclone.

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How to Instal Insync on Linux

When Insync is introduced for the first time, it does not have the permits for OneDrive. You could sync only Google Drive. But, the Insycn version 3 came out with OneDrive support. Now see how to do it.

Insync Subscription

Then the 15-day free trial, you require to pay a subscription to avail InSync. The subscription opens at $29.99 per user.

Step(1) At first, visit the Insync website on your Linux PC.

Step(2) pick the Linux icon to get the Linux version of the application.

Step(3) here, pick the Download for Linux button. Select your Linux distribution and the version.

Step(4) Afterwards, click the Download button to download the application on your Linux PC.

Step(5) while the file is downloaded, install the Insync on your Linux PC managing some package installer.

Step(6) To open the application and you would get a screen similar to the one recommend under.

Step(7) select the OneDrive option and login with your Microsoft account.

Step(8) pick a base folder where you want to save and sync your OneDrive files.

Step(9) In the modern version, you can choose the folders that you needs to sync rather than syncing the whole account.

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That’s it, you got synced your OneDrive account on your Linux. If you need to avail your OneDrive account for free, you could managing the OneDrive website.

This is how you got your OneDrive account on your Linux. Next, access your OneDrive account straight as if your Linux and sync all your cloud files with simple. 

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