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MX Player is the favourite app and comfortable for use and this application supports the file layout ‘Blueray’, ‘MKV’, ‘MP4’, ‘AVI’. MX Player for the personal computer was not officially introduced till now. No need to worry we have a substitute step to use the MX Player in Windows 7/8/8.1/10. If you want to install MX Player, you require Android Emulator on your PC.

Features of MX Player Free Download

Most of all, we want the secure application and should find out the advantages and features of the application used. We will talk about some features of MX Player,

  • You can change any file types and it supports any formats such as ‘mkv’, ‘amv’, ‘Blueray’, ‘mp4’ etc..
  • You can find out the zoom option in the MX player and enhance the volume with the scroll button.
  • MX player comes with a top-quality image to view and you can easily put together with the social networks and also can share it through the web.
  • It is very easy to use and you also have the subtitle format, you find any language movie in MX player
  • You can watch the HD files on your pc without the requirement of your phone.

How to Install MX Player for PC Using Bluestacks (Methods-1):

As I told you earlier, If you would like MX player on your PC, you need to install Bluestack Android Emulator on your PC. Bluestack Emulator is popular software used to run the android application on your PC. Follow methods properly to install the MX player on your desktop. ( Steps to Download Bluestacks for Windows PC )

Step1: First of all, you have to download the setup file of the Bluestack Android Emulator on your desktop.

Bluestack Android Emulator

Step 2: Next, open it, the setup files and install the Bluestack app available on your desktop.
Step 3: Now, go to the Bluestack and visit the search box and type MX player

Step 4: If you won’t get that app, tap the Google Play store option for installing the MX player.
Step 5: You need to create an account on the play store alternative. Then sign in and install the application.
Step 6: After that, select the proper version of the MX player and tap to install the MX player application on your desktop. It takes sometimes.

mx player

Step 7: Now, access to the MX player with Bluestack Android Emulator and watch your player on PC Windows 7/8/8.1/10.

How to Install MX Player for PC Using Android (Methods-2):

As we told First Steps thus you need to download Andyroid Android Emulator installed on your laptop or computer. Follow these processes to download MX Player for PC with Android.

Step1: First of all, you need to download the install file Andyroid Android Emulator on your desktop.
Step 2: After you access to it, the setup files and install the Andyroid app on your desktop.

Step 3: Now, go to the Android and visit the search box and type MX player on their
Step 4: Tap the Playstore option for installing the MX player.
Step 5:  MX player and tap the install the MX player application on your desktop.
Step 7: Now, access to the MX player with  Andyroid Android Emulator and enjoy your player on PC Windows.

How to Install MX Player for PC Using Nox App Player (Methods-3):

The Second Steps so you need to download Nox Android Emulator installed on your laptop or computer. Follow these methods to download MX Player for PC using Nox App.

Step 1: You can install the Nox App Player Emulator on your PC
Step 2: Link your google account to the Nox App Player.
Step 3: Find out the MX Player App with the Search Box.

Step 4: Tap the official MX Player App and tap the “Install” to install MX Player on PC.
Step 5: After downloading done on your PC. Then you can watch your favorite video contents.

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MX Player is Also Available :

MX Player is the perfect application; watch any video files without any hassle. It is also support for different devices; support all sort of video formats.

Media player for Android

Media player for Android

MX Player is available for free media player app for Android and iOS smartphones that focuses on videos but also ability to play audio. The new updates function on iOS smartphones and Windows PCs. It can repeat videos in Full-HD and 4K/Ultra HD quality, and it reads, edits, and syncs subtitles. It supports all video and subtitle file formats.

Tips for optimum video viewing on your phone

The smartphone is becoming the most adaptable tool for day-by-day living. You can do almost the whole thing on your phone today. Convenient in your pocket, backpack, or purse, smartphones are now crucial for business and free time in modern society. Video streaming sites are growing in popularity faster than the television come back in the 1960s.

You can watch full movies and series on your phone streaming from well-known sites like Netflix, Hulu, Disney+ and Gaia. You can watch and share live videos on YouTube or Facebook. Get gaming tricks from Xbox Live and PlayStation Live. Capture videos of your preferred moments with your phone camera and upload them for your friends to watch.

You just require a media player app that can continue with your digital planet. MX supports all video formats such as MP4, AVI, 3GP, WMV, MKV, and etc. It can go through and edit subtitles in SSA/ASS, SRT, TXT, and VTT file extensions.

If you would like to upgrade your ad-sponsored free MX Player for Android to the one-time payment, ad-free MX Player Pro, you can get continuous video seeing with the app’s fundamental functions. As this advanced version is still in development, it won’t support all online video streaming sites in different areas.

The top signal control on smartphones

With its the latest HW+ decoder for popular hardware acceleration, and its multi-core decoding for better playback performance, the MX Video Player adopts several signals for easy action control. Click to zoom in, expand to zoom out, move across the screen to pan, and click to play or stop. Get lots of options with the hard-press secondary option.

The MX Player comes with all the videos on your phone to its library upon installation. Go to all your videos from one application, despite their format. No need to worry about your children messing up your phone or using apps they shouldn’t while watching videos.

The Kids Lock function allows parents lock the screen on the video at present playing so that random signals won’t prevent the video, close the app, launch a new application, or convert phone settings. You can pull out the Kids Lock by clicking to a particular point on the corner of the screen.

For subtitles, move forward or backwards to find out the next or previous text, scroll up or down to move the next and pinch or spread out (zoom in/out) to convert the size of the text. The app supports subtitles in different languages, and you can simply edit the text properties like size, color, and outline.

This media player needs permissions

Various types of apps need diverse permissions so they can get to several features on your smartphone. You should provide all the following grants to install the MX Player: Location to find friends for video transfers and safe streaming access, and Bluetooth for AV sync and file transfer.

Read and write external storage to operate your media files and rename or remove videos and save downloaded files. Network, Wi-Fi, and Internet for downloads, updates, and direct streaming. Click to Camera to make your own videos. Vibrate for notifications and control of feedback because of phone vibration.

It can be a bit tiresome to have to allow each permission as it approaches on the screen for you can install the app. The installer has problem loading all the correct functions if you deny to give permission. Click to ‘Accept’ always the system requests, for it not to cancel the download.

Sharing videos with smartphone-incompatible friends

Do you experience that you cannot share videos with your friends because you find an Android and they have iPhones, or vice-versa? You can share videos doesn’t have to be tough. There is a simple step you can share videos you have taken with your phone camera so that anyone can watch them, and also they have a diverse operating system on their phone.

If you upload your videos to Google Photos, you will find a link that you can share with all your friends through text message, email, WhatsApp, Skype, or social media apps, so they can download the video anywhere they want.

Many smartphones have Google Photos pre-installed, but if you don’t need it, you can find out the app in the Google Play Store or the iOS App Store. Google privacy settings make it secure and easy to use. Don’t avoid your friends because of their phones. There is a simple method for all to share your desired moments.

The key media player for smartphones

The MX Player for Android and iPhone is coming with ad-supported freeware that can play any video file with or without using subtitles in different languages and formats. It’s a great tool for running video or audio files downloaded from the Web, used with your phone camera, or played from video streaming websites.

The app needs lots of permissions for best possible performance, and won’t install on all smartphones. If your phone cannot support the application, so with an APK file, you can use KMPlayer for smartphones and Windows, or VLC Media Player for Windows, Android, Mac, and iPhone.

People like MX Player because of its great features. Every day this app gets up-to-date and has sophisticated features such as Hardware Acceleration, Kid’s lock, Subtitle gesture and more. Because of its superior features, IOS users also want to install and use MX Player. If you would like to use MX Player on your iPhone or iPad, read the article to the end cautiously.

How to download MX Player for IOS:

MX Player for IOS

MX Player for IOS is the superb application for watching video, audio, and movies online. And the miserable part is that “MX Player for IOS is not available now to download in an official manner. It is under construction”. Thus, you are not able to download the MX player application for IOS via Apple app store that simply. We don’t want you to feel like you have misused your time by staying on this page. Thus, I provide you an optional application for MX Player for IOS.

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VLC Media player: VLC Media player is a top video player for both PC and Smartphone and it is available in the Apple app store. Thus, you can simply install it for your IOS and use the videos and movies online. It offers the same experience of MX Player.

KM Player: K-Multimedia player is a media player for Windows which can play many formats such as AVI, DVD, 3GP, MOV, VCD, MKV, MPEG, AAC, WMV, and FLV and more. This player has same gestures to MX Player, but MX player obtains an additional point due to easy playback.

AV Player: Like MX Player application, this app is available with gesture-based playback controls, support all sorts of file formats, and support all types of subtitle formats. You only swipe left or right to move the video 10 seconds forward or backward and swipe up to enhance the playback speed.

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