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More best time tracker apps for IOS and android

Due to corona virus all the person were doing work from home. People were sitting in a single room to do their works people will feel office as their comfortable place but this home environment will make them difficult to do their work. So this article is about Best time tracker apps for IOS and android

If you are a student then you will have do more assignments and online class or if you are an employee then doing to get deadline is very important. By using physical time cards will be useful for us in this period.

What makes you a good time tracker app

Are you searching for something like to log your progress for spending time on project then it is important to see convenience, usability and features and mainly price. But thanks to publishers they were leaving time tracking for free it will be quite enough for the users to log in and watch their activities throughout the day. Let us see some best tracking apps for both IOS and android


More best time tracker apps for IOS and android

This app is free and to get premium version you have to pay 7.99 dollar. This app is very simple and designed with simple design. People who want to track their activity we recommend you this app. In this app you can create different projects and also add individual task.

After tracking done by just one click you can stay away from tracking your progress. Then you can add your tracking task to your calendar and you will understand more about you. Also there is an option to backup all your task from your google drive and restore it anytime while switching your device. Also in premium version you can experience more like colors which suits your projects, timers and automatic backups. One of the special in this app is it has no ad so you can do without any disturbance

Focus to do

This app is free to use but for premium version you have to pay 1.99 in dollar. Guys do you pomodoro technique it will manage you time and works for 25 min intervals and interval breaks in between your tasks. This app using pomodoro timer and it will allow you to add tasks at the time when you start tracking. It also works as productivity booster

In this app you can use tasks tab and then create tasks, remainders, checklists it will track by using pomodoro section. After tracking process completed you can view your results for some days or weeks.


This app is paid you have to pay 8 dollar to start then 14 dollar to use premium version and 20 dollar per month to use unlimited. This tracker is not free to use and it has best feature which automatic time tracking. Like other tracking apps you also do select task and turn the timer ON manually. This app is designed to track tasks many people using this in pc. This timely will automatically track the time which you have spend in desktop or web applications, documents, emails or in your meetings. This app gives free use for up to 14 days

Toggle track

More best time tracker apps for IOS and android

This app is free. You have to 9 dollar for starter and then you have to 18 dollar per month to use premium. This is a powerful tracking app you can add different tasks or projects which you like to track app. you need tags to categorize them. By just one click it starts tracking.

This app looks attractive. This app will show your track results with beautiful design like graphics or pie chart. It has suggestions feature which understands all about your routine.


More best time tracker apps for IOS and android

This is also powerful tracking app and it was used by different organizations and some companies. This app is free to us. It will suit too track some simple tracks. This clockify is available in web, chrome, windows, mac, android, firebox, IOS and linux. 


We hope this article more best time tracker apps for IOS and android will be useful for you. Also check spy app, health app, workout app, health app

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