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Fix: Call of Duty Modern Warfare Mouse Lag issue

Modern warfare will perfectly suit for all call of duty players you can experience different types of features. Anyways users are facing different types of errors and bugs in which mouse lag is one of them. This mouse lag error happens often while playing in online mouse cursor movements becomes slow which means your mouse cursor and hand movement will be same. let us see Fix: call of duty. let us see how to Fix: Call of Duty Modern Warfare Mouse Lag issue

Update mouse driver

The problem is comes from mouse so we suggest to update your mouse driver. Due to this outdated mouse also problem will occur. Here we tell you

  • At first press window + X and to open quick start menu
  • From the list of options select device manager
  • Then now double click on other pointing device and expand it
  • Now on your mouse click right side and select update driver and choose search automatically for drivers
  • If any update available it will automatically download and install
  • Finally restart your pc

Adjust in game mouse settings

The problem may also cause in game mouse setting also so check your settings here we tell you how to do

  • At first launch call of duty modern warfare from the client
  • Next go to option where click on keyboard and mouse
  • There you can adjust for mouse sensitivity ADS mouse sensitivity, mouse acceleration , smoothing , filtering etc

Note: mouse acceleration and mouse filtering should be set as high value set them to 0.00 then start playing

Use another USB port

If above given methods is not working for you then change your USB port for your mouse and check if error continuous

Change modern warfare task priority

Modern warfare is running in background but if windows 10 does not take it as necessary task means then you have to check the priority. Here we tell you how

  • Before starting the process make sure that this game is running in background
  • Now press ctrl+ shift + esc and open task manager
  • Then go to details tab and locate the modern warfare game task
  • Now right click on that task and click on set priority option
  • Set priority option as high
Modern Warfare Mouse Lag issue
  • Finally done check if error continuous

Reduce mouse DPI

If you are using gaming mouse or multi – DPI mouse then you have to check mouse DPI it means sensitivity by increasing and decreasing the value and cross check whether the error is solved or not. Here we tell you how to do first you have to open mouse configuration software and set the values lower or higher follow the below given steps

  • At first press window + I and open window setting
  • Then click on devices and select mouse
  • Now according to your preference you can set value increase or decrease your mouse cursor speed
  • Also you can choose  for scrolling speed or sensitivity for your mouse

This steps is for the laptop keypad users

  • At first press window + I to open window setting
  • Then click on touchpad there you can see option like cursor speed, touch pad sensitivity, multiple actions on touchpad, scrolling, zooming and gesture etc

Perform a clean boot

It is very important to clean boot so that it will disable all third party programs. Here we tell you how to do

  • At first press window + R to open run dialog box
  • There type msconfig and click on enter then it will open system configuration window
  • Then go to service tab and enable hide all Microsoft service checkbox
  • And make sure that all the service were disabled
  • Next click on apply and ok
  • Now click on the startup tab and click on task manager
  • On the task manager intereface click on that task which is enabled for startup boot and click on disable
Modern Warfare Mouse Lag issue
  1. Then select and disable one by one
  2. Finally restart your pc


We hope this article will be useful for you. Any one of the above given methods will surely solve your issue just try it.    

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