Minecraft premium Account for free – is it possible to get

Minecraft is amazing 3d video game which was developed by Mojang studios which was launched in the year 2011. Totally more than 200 million users were playing this game. Minecraft is a premium game if users have to play it then they have to pay amount for it. There are different types of modes available in minecraft which are hardcore mode, adventure mode, spectator mode, creative mode, and more users were requesting about Minecraft premium Account for free – is it possible to get

Is it possible to get Minecraft premium account for free

We have researched more about to get minecraft premium account. But nothing works after many researches we came into conclusion that there is no chance of getting free account. So you have to go to their official minecraft site and there you have to buy a subscription pack and enjoy playing

We also tell you subscription packs for one month you have to pay 9.99 dollar and for once 3 month you have to pay 26.99 dollar and once 6 month you have to pay 47.99 dollar

Different modes in minecraft

Now let us discuss all the five different modes in minecraft

  • Hardcore mode
  • Adventure mode
  • Spectator mode
  • Creative mode
  • Multiplayer

Hardcore mode

In this hardcore mode the players cannot able to repawn after death it is same like online game battle royale games. Once player has dead they can spectate and watch other player game.

Adventure mode

In this adventure mode creates a story and tell to all the players from all around the world. For example players you can create new world and other players to play in their world

Spectator mode

In this spectator mode players can only watch other player game. To watch other player game they no need to be inside the game. This mode will be very useful for the new players to learn about this game

Creative mode

In this creative mode players can create and destroy the blocks. Also there is no health mode so players can play for many hours. By double tapping on the jumpy key players can fly this mode will be exciting for players


In this multiplayer mode two player can able to play this game at same time. Tell your friend to download this file and connect both and start playing

Final words

We hope you like this article. Also by using LAN mode you can play this game without internet connection only you will need is Wi-Fi. Also you can start streaming for upto 20 people.   

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