Method to fix valorant error code VAN 68

Riot game valorant disturbs players by occurring error code VAN 68 it makes the players to disconnect from match from the day release of valorant users were facing different types of issues. This error is simple may occur due to issue in network connectivity. Also it may has chance to get issue in your windows firewall blocking and DNS server configuration. let us see Methods to fix valorant error code VAN 68

Now users were facing this issue VAV 68 there are several reasons behind in it also may be cloudflare’s DDos protection issue in valorant. Let us see how to fix valorant error code VAN 68.

Restart valorant

I am not telling you that this method will solve this issue completely may be it will work for some players. By restarting your valorant it may fix all your pc game related issues

Reboot your computer

We think that the error VAN 68 is related with network by restarting your pc it will fix for any glitches, cache data with your internet connection.

Check riot game server status

This error may also happen due to server status. Riot game service is running running with scheduled maintenance process or outage. You can also visit their official website riot game service status page where you can check for valorant status. Also you can go to third party down detector valorant page where you can see all your 24 hours details

Power cycle your router

By performing the power cycle to your network device it means wi-fi router will clear all system’s glitches or before stored cache related problems. Here we tell you how

  • At first switch off the router make sure that all the led lights turned off
  • Now you have to remove power cable from the router
  • Then wait for a min and again plug in your power cable into router
  • Finally connect with wifi network and check playing the game if error continuous

Reset network configuration

By resetting your network configuration it will clear all corrupted data DNS data and it will get new ip address which was assigned by your wifi router. Let us see steps

  • At first click on start menu and type cmd.
  • Next from your search result right click on command prompt
  • Now select run as administrator then if prompt by UAC click on yes it will continue
  • Now you have to run given below these following commands to reset your network configuration

netsh winsock reset

netsh int ip reset

ipconfig / release

ipconfig / release

ipconfig/ flushdns

  • After done close command prompt window
  • Finally restart your pc

Use google DNS

By changing google DNS it will solve your issue related with network connectivity

  • At first click on start menu and search for control panel click on it 
  • Next click on network and internet then network and sharing center then change adapter settings
  • Now click on primary /connected network there you can change your DNS
  • Now right click on wifi Ethernet connection details and select for properties
  • Next if prompt then click yes
  • Next click on networking tab and select internet protocol version 4 (tcp/ipv4)
  • Then right click and select properties
  • Now click on advanced and select DNS tab
  • Then click on ok and select use the following DNS address
  • There for primary DNS input and for secondary DNS input
  • And then run command prompt and type following command

Ipconfig / flushdns

  • Finally restart your pc

Disable ipv6 protocol

Here we tell you how to disable ipv6 protocol

  • At click on the taskbar click on wifi icon
  • Then select network &internet settings and click on change adapter options
  • Now click on active internet adapter and then go to properties
  • Then also uncheck the internet protocol version 6 on your check to disable
  • Finally click on ok

Try using mobile data

Also may be fault in your internet connection also to cross check you can use your mobile data hotspot in your pc. If error not solved then you have to contact your ISP

Repair valorant

Here we tell you how to repair valorant game

  • At first go to valorant download page and download the file in your pc
  • Next from the valorant game installation interface click on advanced option
  • Next browse and select the path that you were already installed for valorant
  • Now select riot game folder to repair game files
  • Wait a min until it complete
  • Finally restart your pc

we hope now you got idea about to fix valorant error code VAN 68

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