List of all jobs in miitopia

Guys what I’m going to tell is what I have researched so don’t think me wrong when I say this is the most remarkable RPG trilogy always. In this miitopia you can control of virtually and all. Guys do you like to make evil dark lord a banana, definitely you can do it guys. Do want to make genie drake then ok right. However to talk about storyline and it has complex and load customization. Now this your story guys you have select who the characters.

Let us go into today’s main highlights. If you read for the title miitopia all jobs in a list. After this game is moved from 3DS to Nintendo switch, new players were asking for the players that how many jobs were available in miitopia and their stats. In this guide we tell you List of all jobs in miitopia

This game is same like RPG and this the best animation game in the world. This game looks like funny and looks more animation. But not knowing about the jobs so guys before start the game, now let us see different jobs which was available in miitopia

Now we will tell you a number of jobs which are available in miitopia are as follows

  • Warrior
  • Cat
  • Imp
  • Flower
  • Princess
  • Scientist
  • Tank
  • Elf
  • Vampire
  • Chef
  • Cleric
  • Mage
  • Pop star
  • Thief

By default six jobs were available at the start of the game. Mage, pop star, thief, chef, cleric and warrior. You were eligible to pick from any one of these when you first reach greenhorne.

While remaining one require to be unlocked imp, cat, and scientist these were available after clearing greenhorne like princess, flower and tank at once you have when you complete Neksdor.

But now the before two jobs were admit to be secret, so you will need. Also check mii codess animal royale server issue,solved issue super animal

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