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How to Get iPhone Emojis on Android [3 Ways]

Bored managing Android Emojis? Try these ways to use iPhone Emojis on Android.

How to Get iPhone Emojis on Android

The modern update of Android does not looks to be that good and does not create the messages visually appears. Mostly of us love to use emojis in chats, messaging apps, forums. And regularly Android users are not satisfied with the system of the emojis on their phones. Users also need to get iPhone emojis hence they are more expressive compared to the outdated Android emojis. Here, that’s really possible to get iPhone emojis on Android.

Here we have describe all the possible methods how to get it on your phone. Ways for both rooted and unrooted Android phones are detailed. Study on this article to know and express your feelings to your friends fullest from now on.

Different Methods to Get iPhone Emojis on Android

If you are seeing to use iPhone emoji on Android, then here are the different ways:

  • Emoji Keyboard
  • Emoji Font 3
  • iFont

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Method 1: Install Emoji Keyboard

The simplest and most simple way is by getting an iPhone emoji keyboard for Android. Now are the procedure on how to install it on your phone.

Step1. Launch your Play store and download the Emoji keyboard application on your mobile.

Step2. While the app is installed, open the application by tapping the icon.

Step3. Afterwards pick the option ‘Turn on the Keyboard’. Here you would be capable to approach your phone’s virtual keyboard settings.

Step4. Hold the slider after to the ‘Emoji Keyboard’ and jump it right to the ‘On’ position.

Step5. Choose the option ‘Activate your keyboard’. You would get a warning message which notifies about the risk of installing third-party apps and request you to acknowledge. Pick OK to continue.

Step6. A list of keyboards would appear on your screen in the popup, select ‘Emoji Keyboard’ from that.

Step7. Keep on, select the desired language and hit the green button ‘Finish the Installation’.

Step8. Hit ‘Next’ reading all the instructions.

Step9. Next, open your messaging app and pick the smiley icon. You work be here capable to see iOS emojis on your android phone.

As recommended earlier, this is the easiest methods to use iPhone emojis on your Android smartphone.

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Method 2: Change Fonts to Emoji Font 3

By managing this way, you would be capable to use iOS 8, 9, 10 emojis in all your conversations. If your phone does not permits changing fonts, you have to root your phone.

Step 1: To start the Settings on your phone and click the ‘security’ option.

Step 2: Hit on Unknown sources and enable ON.

Step 3: You could download the Emoji Font 3 apk from here. 

Step 4: Remain to the green button ‘Download’ to get the apk.

Step 5: The downloaded file would be on the notification bar of your mobile. 

Step6: pick that to run the file and install.

Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.

Step7:After that, go to the phone Settings from the menu or notification bar.

Step8: swipe up to Display and tap on it. Select a Font style from the list. 

Step9:A list of fonts would appear on your screen. 

Step10:select Emoji Font 3 from the list.

Step11:Download and install the Gboard app in the Google play store.

Step13: after that hit on the choose input method and choose Gboard.

Step 14: next, this app would act as a default app on your phone.

Here you would be capable to enjoy iPhone emojis on your Android phone.

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Method 3: Change Fonts with iFont

This way is effective for those who could not change the font. Now are the steps on how to do it.

Download and install the Emoji Font 3 on your phone. Refer to the previous methods for steps.

Step1: next, download and install iFont from the Google Play store.

Step2:To begin the application and hit the option My Install.

Step3: select Emoji Font 3 and then pick the Set button on the bottom of your screen.

Step 4:after that, select the language as English and confirm it.

Step 5:The app would ask your permission, tap Ok.

You would be capable to manage the iOS emojis then you reboot your mobile.

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You could follow all the possible methods listed out to use iOS emojis on your Android phone. And happy chatting!

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