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Fix: Install BlockHead Error in Oblivion on Windows

Block head mod is an OBSE is a plugin which adds support for gender variant head models and textures NPC’S. It provides free camera movement in the menu also provides pain –free inventory idle overriding, animation overriding, equipment model overriding. We go complaint that users getting problem while to Fix: Install BlockHead Error in Oblivion on Windows. Here we tell you to fix. We think that you are playing in pc without enabling blockhead mods. If you are using nexus mod manager to launch the game this may solve all your problems not only this additionally solved for corrupted or missing file

Just think if your steam overlay was not running it may affect OBSE the mod launcher also check that steam client is running by admin. Thus oblivion has many more custom files the software like window security or antivirus will block them to safety purpose

Run Steam with Admin Access

It is not a matter whether you are using game mod or not to run steam, client is always important with administrator access. Though oblivion has using many custom files you have to require to grant admin access to run steam. Here we tell you how to fix Install BlockHead Error in Oblivion on windows

  • At first you have to just right click on the executable file
  • Next select run as administrator if prompted by UAC then click on yes
Install BlockHead Error Oblivion
  • Finally both the client and game mods will run without any error

To set this process permanently when you launch your steam client here we tell you how

  • At first right click on the steam executable file
  • Then select properties and click on compatibility tab
  • Also check that the run this program as an administrator checkbox it should be enable if not enable it
  • Finally click on apply and click ok to save your changes

Enable Steam Overlay

It is very important to enable your steam overlay why because it will make OBSE to run smoothly for your game. Here we tell you how

  • Oblivion should be totally closed and no game or mod related process should run in background keep this note as a tip. Here we tell you how to remove tasks press ctrl + shift + esc this will open task manager then go to process and click to select tasks select end task do this all process one by one
  • Now open the steam client and sign in with your account details
  • Now click on steam which you can see on top left and go to settings
  • Then click on “in – game” from the left pane you have to checkmark “enable the steam overlay while in game “
Install BlockHead Error Oblivion
  • Finally click on ok

Launch the Game via OBSE­_Loader

You can easily find if your game is having issue with mods and plugins let me tell you how you will see install blockhead error while opening the game or directly launching from the executable file or through client. Here we tell you how to do

  • At first you have to check whether your game has properly launches with mods or not  double click on the obse_loader.exe file
  • Once done create a new game and check whether the problem occur again

Don’t Use Nexus Mod Manager

If you are facing blackhead mod issue then we suggest you to not use nexus mod manager alternatively you can try for OBSE loader utility for your game this will make your game work well. Here we will tell how to do

  • First start a new game freshly
  • Next open google chrome and download oblivion script extender from the official website
  • Download the latsest loader file and extract it you can use any of the software like winrar, winzip, 7zip
  • After unzipped your file just copy obse_loader. Exe file and paste directly into root location from where you have installed your game
  • Keep in mind that this obe_loader should be copy at the same location where you have kept the oblivion.exe and oblivionlauncher.exe files   
  • Now back to process next double click on it to launch your game
  • Finally check if the “install blockhead” error continue

Reinstall and Remove file

In this method you have to remove file which is leftover after installation folder. Here we tell you how to do

  • At first make sure that oblivion not any program should be run in background everything should be cleared
  • Then click on start menu and type control panel
  • Now select oblivion and choose uninstall
  • If prompted you can follow on screen prompt to complete the uninstall process
  • Then restart your pc and open file explorer over to the Oblivion installed folder [C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\oblivion]
Install BlockHead Error Oblivion
  • Then select all by pressing ctrl + A and delete everything
  • Then reinstall the game from same channel and follow   OBSE clean installing process and apply blockhead plugin
  • Finally check that error continues

Add Whitelist for Oblivion and Steam

Sometimes your browser firewall also block your connection to solve this you have to add both oblivion and steam file under the whitelist section. Here we tell you how

  • At first open window settings by pressing window + I
  • Then click on update & security and select window security
  • Now click firewall &network protection and select allow an app through firewall
  • Then click on change setting then scroll down where you can see number of lists there select private and public checkbox on both steam and oblivion executable
  • If you can’t able to see any steam and oblivion executable then select allow another app
  • Now you have to browse and select the files and click ok
  • Finally restart your pc

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