In Biomutant game how to buy and sell items, upgrade points, increase stats

Guys game currency is very important to purchase some items in every different shops. By using this Biomutant you can earn green in your game then you can buys all your consumables, weapons, add-ons, and to make upgrades. This method will make you to earn more money. This article is about In Biomutant game how to buy and sell items, upgrade points, increase stats

In this biomutant game you have to upgrade your points why because it will change perks and combos then you can able to use some super cool options in this game. To sustain in biomutant world it is important to improve stats points.

Guys you were getting confusion in how to buy, sell items, and upgrade points and increase stats in this game right we tell you everything. We already know that if we want to buy something we should have greens, guys do you know what is green money let us see

Guidance to how to buy and sell items in biomutant

Guys are you in starting stage of this game it means tutorial phase then you can’t able to buy anything at first you have to complete tutorial phase. You have to reach some target points in this game then only you can able to buy or sell items why because you don’t know what is greens

This for the players who were playing game’s main theme this called as tribe play and completed tutorial. You can navigate all locations. When you are locating some random bushes which is around after some time when you go for conquer your first enemy tribe vanguard at this time you can use your money.

This time while you are going defeat your enemy and placing tribe flag on their post then all the vendor shops will be unlocked then you can buys only these items like mounts, materials, clothes, crafting and more

At the same time you can also sell anything in vendor shop to earn greens. Do you need high rate while selling items. If your barter percentage is good and high and your charisma state is also good and high then your item price also will be high.

How to get upgrade points in biomutant

Guys sadly there is no method to farm a lot of biomutant upgrade points. To get more upgraded points you have to level up your character. So don’t waste your points and save it. It will be useful while playing and necessary thing to survive.

Anyways same like RPG game in this game also looting is very important thing. This is another best method to get more points then you have to locate its lair after you get it you can see many thing which is available there like books

Items will give you reward by one upgrade points. Guys please note that any specific location you cannot able to see any one of these items.

How to increase stats in biomutant

This stats id linked with the character creation of your system and it will allow you to access customize characters depends upon your play style. You have to increase your stats we tell you some methods to increase


We hope this article In Biomutant game how to buy and sell items upgrade points increase stats will be useful for you. Also check reset points, fix resistance bug, class not showing error

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