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Is Hulu on Philips Smart TV Possible? Working Method

Hulu on Philips Smart TV is one of the most general apps out there. It supports unlimited entertainment to users. If you own a Philips Smart TV and need to download the Hulu app on it, you have come to the right place. This post would help you get it up and running in no time. Here, before you give opened, you should ensure that the app has been downloaded on your device.

Usually, there is a pre-installed Hulu app on Smart TVs. Though, if it is not already installed on your Smart TV, you would want to manually install it. A great thing about the Hulu app is that it is accessible for just about every device. Any Smart TVs have apps that have been made into the hard drive.

Hulu on Philips Smart TV

Even now, there is no Hulu app accessible for Philips Smart TVs. If you start the Play Store on your Philips Smart TV and find for the Hulu app, you would not get some outputs. Streaming apps like Netflix, YouTube, and Amazon Prime Video are accessible for Philips Smart TV.

With this, you could not install the Hulu app on your Philips Smart TV. Suppose all the Philips Smart TV are pre-installed with cast feature. By managing the casting feature, you could cast the Hulu app from your smartphone to your TV.

Note: The Hulu app is only accessible in the USA.

How to Cast Hulu app on Philips Smart TVs?

Step(1): unlock your smartphone or tablet to the same WiFi network as your Philips Smart TV.

Step(2) : To start the Hulu app on your smartphone or tablet (Android or iOS).

Step(3) : Select the movie or TV show that you need to watch.

Hulu on Philips Smart TV

Step(4) : Here, pick the Cast icon on the top right of the screen.

Hulu on Philips Smart TV

Step(5) :Your smartphone or tablet would seem for nearby casting devices. Once your Philips Smart TV is detected, hit on it.

Step(6) : Here, play the video. It would appear on your Philips Smart TV.

This is the only method that you could use the app on your Philips Smart TV.

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If you need to install the Hulu app on the smart TV, you want to delay till the app is accessible for Philips Smart TV. Still then, use the made-in Cast feature to view Hulu titles on your smart TV. 

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