Download HP Deskjet 3050A Driver for Windows

If you are not using driver software then next is printer installation it will be very challenging. If you have drivers with you then adding a printer will be very easy. Here we tell you how to download HP Deskjet 3050A Driver for Windows

Here you can learn how to download drivers for your printers it will be very safe to install CD or DVD which comes along it. In all HD printers they will provide inbuilt driver CD if you stuck in any problem like lost or can’t able to access then you can then you have to download drivers here we tell you how to do

Method: 1 download driver

Before starting the process make sure that you are downloading the correct version of driver software for your pc. You can also download drivers from directly their official website follow us by given below these steps

  • At first visit their official webpage for HP deskjet 3050A
  • Now under detected operating system select choose different OS
HP Deskjet 3050A Driver
  • Now you have to select windows which is located at left side list and then select window 10 32 bit or 64 bit based on your system type
  • If you want to which version is currently running just right click on this pc and select properties now you can see “64 bit operating system or 32 bit operating system”
  • After selected move down to the download section
  • Now click on basic drivers and download basic drivers package

If you want you can also download its full package here you can see some additional tools which allow you to manage your printer. Eg check for updates, viewing printer status

Method: 2 installing driver package

  This is the second step after downloading here we tell you how

  • At first open your downloaded driver folder
  • Then double click on that driver
  • Click on agree and you have to follow the prompts which is shown by the installer
  • At once Software will ask you to connect your printer then connect it
HP Deskjet 3050A Driver
  • Finally you can use printer

How to install printer manually

  • At first press window + R
  • There type control printers and click enter
  • Now you can see add printer on the top screen click on it
  • Now it will show a pop up window you should be able to see printer once you connected your printer
  • Finally click on it now it starts installation


We hope that you have learned about how to Download HP Deskjet 3050A Driver for Windows be alert while downloading because some malicious software will try to download drivers in you printers

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