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How to watch skype video calls on firestick

As we all know skype is a video calling app for conversation with others in from any places through out of the world and with connect of internet. Also it provides us high video calling that is HD video calling for free. The users can also use this skype app with firestick that shows the group video call perfect on TV. Also you can chat wiyh your relations with wonderful emojis videos photos files documents etc.  In this content we will tell you How to watch skype video calls on firestick

SKYPE provides as to call voice call that is normal phone call to call someone at a time. It gives you less amount of bill to pay your telecommunication and also landlines calls. It connect the calls 24 person in the video calling. More than users it is very useful for office managing persons to use their office works also business person who they are connects with foreign business persons. Let us move into topic how to watch skype video calls on firestick

Skype on firestick

This is unavailable foe firestick you can install this app from android phones or in PC to work on firestick skype app on amazon fire TV

Before ensure that your smartphones or PC are connected in firestick with WiFi network

Enable display mirroring on firestick device

  • At first  you have to install firestick device and next move out to your home screen in your phone display
  • And go to setting option also go to display and sounds
How to watch skype video calls on firestick
  • Next enable display mirroring option that will create your firestick device start to screen mirroring
How to watch skype video calls on firestick

Screen mirror skype from android device

  • Same open your google play store app in your mobile phone
  • Next open the app it will ask you to enter your account details and sign in
  • After the app will open slightly swipe down select notification tab and  also select screen cast option
How to watch skype video calls on firestick
  • And choose the firestick device 

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