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How To Verify Your YouTube Account/Channel in Easy Steps

Anybody could verify a YouTube account – all you would essential is a phone number to verify your identity. Then, to be clear, confirmation does not unkind you get a confirmation badge.

Confirmation badges are kept for those with at least 100,000 subscribers, which is once the platform reflects a creator to be “established.” This rather badge, though, does not give you approach to other features.

Need to Verify Your YouTube Account

It is required to get shown on YouTube to upload videos over 15 minutes or stream live videos. It too gives you the capacity to claim copyrights if your video has been sent on some other channels. Similarly, you have the ability to use custom thumbnails for your channel.

Eligibility Criteria to get verified Badge on YouTube

  • To put on for verification on YouTube your channel necessity have 100,000 subscribers
  • Your channel shall be a real make with original content. Thus, use about unique names.
  • Your channel must be public and available for all users happening YouTube
  • Similarly, your channel shall have a channel banner, channel description, channel icon (use high-quality image), and remain active on YouTube.
  • Continually maintain your channels look professional.

How to get verified on YouTube?

You could confirm your account on YouTube by two methods and they are

  • Authenticate your account via YouTube (
  • Confirm your account via YouTube Studio

How to Verify your account via YouTube (

Step 1 : Open YouTube in your Desktop PC.

Step 2 : Click on Settings in the left panel of your YouTube.

Verify Your YouTube Account

Step 3 : Below Settings, pick on “Channel status and features” in account settings.

Verify Your YouTube Account

Step 4 : You would be focused to Features page

Step 5 : Below status and features, you would search your account name under which there will be a verify button.

Verify Your YouTube Account

Step 6: Pick on the prove button, you would be directed to account verification page (step 1/2)

Step 7 : Choose your country in the confirmation page.

Step 8 : Here and now choose the method your verification code shall be delivered via message or call by checking the box.

Step 9 :  Afterwards, checking it would request for approval of your choice, click confirm.

Step 10 : Here it would request for the language and the phone number to get send you the verification code and click on submit.

Step 11 : After that submitting, through to step 2/2 verification page and type the verification code.

Step 12 : Pick on the submit button and your account would be verified.

How to verify your account via YouTube Studio?

Step 1 :  To start YouTube Studio in your browser.

Step 2 : Pick on Settings from the left panel of YouTube studio.

Step 3 : Below settings, pick on channel.

Step 4 : Here pick on Advanced settings in channel

Step 5 :  Pick on status & features under under other channel settings

Step 6 : Via clicking it, you would be focused to Features page.

Here and now follow the steps 5 to 12 in getting confirmed your account by YouTube ( and get your account proved.

Exposed browser –> find for –> Pick on chrome menu –> Choose desktop site –> Here follow the method of “Get verified your account by YouTube (” given directly above.

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End notes

Here and now you could get your YouTube account confirmed and you also would get confirmation badge once you satisfied all the suitability criteria delivered.

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