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How to use whatsapp “View Once” feature

 In today’s world everything is whatsapp from kid to old people using whatsapp. It is easy method to communicate newly they have released an update which is improve work ability and get access for new features. The new feature is view once which is your message will disappear when it was viewed by receiver. This features you can able to see in social media like snapchat, Instagram. In this article let us discuss about How to use whatsapp View Once feature

How to try Whatsapp view once on smartphone

let us see How to use whatsapp “View Once” feature

  • At first you have to open whatsapp and search for contact/group to send media file
  • Next you have to select contact/group to open and then click on camera icon where you can able to see at bottom
  • And then you can select the photo which you like to share and then click on view once icon in text box
  • A prompt window will open “photo set to view once” in your screen and then click on send icon to share your photo
How to use whatsapp “View Once” feature
  • Now your message will turn into opened at once the receiver open the photo. Then select the message
How to use whatsapp “View Once” feature
  • Then click on the message info where you can able to see at the top also at the same time the message opened, seen and delivered
How to use whatsapp “View Once” feature

At the receiver side you will receive message photo or video instead of normal photo or video which shows in your screen. And then click message to open and then click view once icon why because to know all about the features. At once when you close the photo or video automatically it will delete.

People who like that their videos no need to stay with receiver for them this features will be useful. This feature will be available in all smartphone very soon. Also receiver can take screen shot or record and this will not know by the sender

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