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How to use combin Instagram scheduler to schedule

All of us were using Instagram it is a famous social media app people used to share and post their activities also it keep all our friends and family connected. At once you have started to post then you should give regular post otherwise your fans will forget you. Do you know guys this Instagram has no scheduling settings instead of it, it has many different tools and service. In such tools combin scheduler is one of it, it allows user schedule your Instagram post and your stories. Here how to use combin Instagram scheduler to schedule

Instagram is not only used to chat most of the celebrity used this to become popular. Normal people also can share all your content in Instagram by doing this people in outside will recognize your name soon. For that you will need more followers we tell you one trick to be more active in Instagram it is combin Instagram scheduler. Let me tell you more about combin Instagram scheduler

Combin Instagram scheduler

 Guys at some point everyone will become busy and have to time to use if you were not active in Instagram then Instagram algorithm will forget you and again it will take more time to become everything normal in this situation we suggest you to use Instagram scheduler application.

Combin scheduler it is specially more for Instagram and its benefits are you can use it for use it free and also it works in pc guys it is awesome in that app you can able to use tools like post scheduling, story scheduling, location tagging, accounts mentioning and to manage your Instagram account.


  • it will support for many other tasks
  • it is free to use
  • it helps your account to become more popular
  • this apps work in background also so you no need to worry about posts it also will works when you are sleeping it behaves like your personal assistant
  • it reduces you working time it contains inbuilt tool which help you to create stories
  • it create new style in your Instagram grid layout to attract more user
  • you can also share your location to your fans it has custom location tagging option by using it you can share your location
  • you can also create hashtags by using this app.

steps to schedule Instagram posts via combin

  • This app is very to use. This app is available for window, Ubuntu and mac. At first you have to download combin and install it.
  • Next you have to click on post and then new publication and then a photo which you have to upload
  • Then you can adjust your photo by cropping, zooming and rotating
  • Then you can add image which is related to it and locate your post
  • Then you can add date and time of published and then click on create button.
  • Finally you have created post scheduled this will post correctly on date and time selected by you


Hope this article will be useful for all Instagram users. This will help to get more followers.  

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