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How to Update Netflix App

Netflix is an online application platform that allows you to watch movies, series, films and many videos, for a very small monthly or annual fee. Many people across the world are using this amazing application as it one of the best forms of entertainment. You can also watch movies as per the language you select.

Steps On How to Update Netflix App

If you wish to update Netflix, please follow these simple and easy steps as listed below:

How to Update Netflix App IN WINDOWS

  • Click the button Store on the Start screen or the Taskbar
  • Click on the User symbol, which you can find near the search box
  • Choose Downloads or Updates
  • Now, click on Check for Updates
  • Then, press on the down arrow and you will be able to download the Netflix update
  • That is it. Now, you will be able to download and update the Netflix app

How to Update Netflix App IN IPHONE

  • Click on the App Store icon on your mobile phone
  • Select Profile
  • Search for the Netflix application and select it
  • Click on Update
  • If required when asked for, enter your iTunes password
  • Now, your Netflix account will get updated

How to Update Netflix App IN ANDROID

  • Go to the Google Play Store application
  • Now, click on Menu
  • Then, select My Apps
  • Choose the application Netflix
  • Now hit Update


Some of the amazing features that you would love in Netflix are as follows:

  • You can create an account easily. It is not that difficult
  • You also have the option to download the videos that you like and watch them again later, even if you do not have an internet connection
  • Netflix does not interrupt you when you are watching video, by showing some advertisements, etc. You can watch them without any disturbances
  • All the shows that are shown in Netflix are originals. None of them are duplicate or pirated versions
  • Many people can sign in to the same account and you all can watch at the same time
  • Suppose you wish to not watch the introduction, no problem. You can skip those


Netflix is becoming one of the world-famous apps and is becoming so popular in almost all the countries across the globe. It is by far the most simple and easy to use app. Many people have this app in their mobile phone, computer, laptop, tablet, etc.

However, if you still have not created an account yet in Netflix, please do not give a second thought. Go ahead and create your own account and enjoy watching your favourite movies with your loved ones.

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