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How to unlock iphone face id with mask

Apple is one of the well-known companies in the world and almost everyone is aware of it. There is always a longing for everyone to have an Apple product, be it iPhone, iPod, iPad, AirPods, etc. The ease and comfort that you get with an Apple product cannot be matched with any other electronic product in the world.

Apple provides more safety and secured to use. iPhones have an amazing and a wonderful camera feature. Siri is a part of Apple company that is a feature available across all iOS devices. It the short form for ‘Speech Interpretation and Recognition Interface’. It is developed by Apple company that is a voice feature that helps you to access your iPhone and other iOS devices with your voice. You can command Siri to do anything and it will also give you any information that you ask for it.


How to unlock iphone face id with mask

If you wish to unlock iPhone face ID using a mask, please follow the steps given below:

  • Go to Settings in your iPhone mobile and then click on Face ID & Passcode
  • Now, you can choose either the first step as an Alternate Appearance or choose to Reset Face ID
  • Once you have chosen an option, fold the mask and cover up a portion of your face
  • Now look at the camera in your iPhone mobile
  • If it gives a message ‘Face Obstructed’, move the mask very slowly away from your face. When you do this, you will receive another message saying ‘Move your head slowly to complete the circle
  • Now, complete two rounds of scanning your face with the mask
  • After you finish this, you will get a message ‘Face ID is now set up
  • Now, cover your whole face with the mask and try out if you are able to unlock your iPhone with the mask

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Some of the wonderful features of Apple are as follows:

  • You can also set the dark mode based on the timings like sunrise and sunset
  • Additionally, the wallpapers can also change depending on the environmental lights
  • There is a new feature called the Live photo. This is available withing the Camera application
  • Suppose you have by mistakenly taken similar photos, your iPhone can automatically remove those
  • It can also guide you well with directions when you are stuck in an unknown place
  • Surprisingly, it has the new Indian English voice, so that it can be easier for Indians to understand

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Apple is one of the best companies in the whole world in terms of electronics such as mobile phones, headphones, MP3 players and so on. Also, Apple Music is a platform where you will be able to find almost millions of songs, all for free. 

iPhone is one of the most loved mobile phones among many people all over the world today. It is mainly due to their camera features and the display they have. I would suggest you all to buy an iPhone and enjoy their amazing and excellent qualities.

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