How to Unbrick or Restore Your Asus Rog Phone 3 From Dead

ROG phone series is a general gaming smartphone series since Asus. Asus completed its entry to gaming smartphones with its general gaming PC name. It contributed the original boost to Asus in the smartphone industry and today the company is one of the greatest Gaming Smartphone producers. The modern ROG Phone 3 has recently received the unbrick Tool to bring the device from a dead state. At this time you will know how to unbrick Asus ROG Phone 3.

As soon as you have the tool, you could easily unbrick your phone if your device is bricked. There are about other files that are compulsory for this process such as firmware and also you necessity to take care of about initial steps.


How to Unbrick Asus ROG Phone 3 with Unbrick Tool

As we could not  take backup device data since the bricked situation, but in case if you are by means of an SD card at that time you could remove it. Still, it doesn’t affect micro SD cards nevertheless playing safe in these situations is the key to a effective implementation.

Follow the below phases to boot ROG Phone 3 into EDL mode and unbrick ROG Phone 3.

Step 1 : Extract the downloaded EDL Unbrick Tool arranged your computer.

Step 2 : Here and now connect your phone to your computer (use the side port).

Step 3 : Run the 1ROG3_VFLASH_EDL.cmd file which would be accessible in the EDL Unbrick Tool folder.

Step 4 : It would give EDL Success message, at that time delay for 2-3 proceedings and you device would boot into bootloader mode. Check in Device Manager if your device expressions up as Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader 9008.

Step 5 : If you get the QDLoader 9008 in the device manager then push and hold Power Key + Volume down key for 12-13 seconds till you do not see it in the device manager.

Step 6 : Here and now try to power on your device to boot into bootloader required for the further phases.

Step 7 : Here and now extract the firmware file arranged your computer and run the zs661ks_raw_flashall.bat file to flash the firmware on Asus ROG Phone 3. I take you have the correct firmware.

Step 8 : Delay for about time and your device would boot into the system.

That’s all, nowadays you have unbricked your Asus ROG Phone 3 managing the unbrick Tool.

Just in case if you are not capable to boot into EDL mode at that time you could try deep flash cable to flash the firmware arranged your device. No wonder that the phases are complex but as soon as you try it your own, you would be more easy with the process.

And now you are mindful of the unbrick process, so you could perform at all modification or system variations without worrying to brick your device.

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