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How to Host Another Channel on Twitch [Host Mode]

Twitch is the hub for all gamers. On Twitch, you could find videos associated to all the popular games like PUBG, Fortnite, Clash of Clans, Call of Duty, and more. It is the go-to guide platform for all gamers to live-stream their gameplay. In 2014, Twitch came up with a original update called Host Mode. By using that mode, you could host other Twitch channels. Via hosting on Twitch, your channel would remain online even when you are offline.

How to Turn on Host Mode on Twitch

The Host Mode coud be turned on or off from the website and since the smartphone app.

(1) Be there Twitch website and log in with your Twitch account, if requested.

(2) On the Chat screen, form /host CHANNEL NAME. Swap the CHANNEL NAME with the name of the Twitch channel that you need to host.

(3) Here and now, you (your channel) resolve be hosting the live video that is flowing on the declared Twitch channel.

(4) To un host the channel, enter /unhost on the chat screen.

How to Turn on Host Mode on Twitch from the Smartphone app

You could do the hosting in your smartphone app. Nonetheless the Host mode is accessible only on the iOS app, the feature is up till now to be free on Android smartphones.

(1) Exposed the Twitch app and be present at the Chat option.

(2) Enter the command /host CHANNEL NAME, swap the CHANNEL NAME to the Twitch channel that you want to host.

(3) To unhost, enter \unhost.

There is a method to host from the Android smartphone app. Be there the Twitch channel that you want to host. Tick the Settings icon and choose the Host option.

How to Setup Auto Host on Twitch

The above process is the manual way, where you have to enter the channel name and host the detailed channel manually. You could also setup Auto-Host channels. It would host the live videos on the definite channels if you are offline.

(1) Go to see your Twitch account and tick the Profile icon on the top right of the screen. Select the Settings option

(2) On the Settings page, pick Channels and Videos option.

(3) Roll down and you would see the Auto Hosting option.

(4) Go on the Auto host channels toggle. If you have team channels, go on Host team channels.

(5) Alteration the Hosting priority if you need. Tick the Host list to add channels that you need host when you are offline.

(6) Go in the name of the channel that you need to host.

(7) Afterwards editing all the hosting option, tick the Save Changes button.

The declared channel would be hosted if you are offline. The Auto-Host would be started afterward three minutes of inactivity.

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