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How to Turn on Dark Mode on Wikipedia

How To Turn On Dark Mode On Wikipedia in today’s world, everything is digital. Just on one click, you can get the entire information on a particular topic. In olden days, you would have to go to a library and search every book order to gather information and gain knowledge. But nowadays, as technology develops, everything becomes easy with a single touch/press of a button.

Having said that, Wikipedia is an online, digital library that gives all the necessary information that you are looking for. It is updated by volunteers across the globe.


  • Wikipedia website is available in several languages.
  • It a digital encyclopaedia
  • It is an open-source website, meaning that anybody can start a page or edit a content
  • It is the most popular website in the world
  • It has a lot of information
  • There are innumerable articles on the Wikipedia platform that helps you get a better understanding on any topic that you are looking out for
  • It is very convenient to use and also understand
  • It saves a lot of time
  • It allows you to create your page and add content to it
  • It is free of cost
  • Any information that you search for, can directly be printed or you could also download it as a PDF
  • There is also a Wikipedia Store, where you can purchase things such as jackets, pins, diaries, water bottles, stationery, scarves, etc. the amount raised from these purchases go towards those volunteers who help raise Wikipedia to a greater level.

Dark Mode On Android

How To Turn On Dark Mode On Wikipedia

Screenshot On iPhone

How To Turn On Dark Mode On Wikipedia
How To Turn On Dark Mode On Wikipedia

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How To Turn On Dark Mode On Wikipedia


Dark mode is the mode where you will be able to see texts lighter against a darker background. This will help your eyes to relax, especially when you are working at nights. It lessens the strain caused to the eyes when all other lights in the room that you are in are switched off.

Enabling the dark mode option in your device is a good and a healthier choice for your eye’s health and reduce the impact of the harmful rays (blue light) that emerges from your computer screen or your mobile phone. This will also help you to get good and sound sleep at nights and relax yourself.

However, Wikipedia does not have an inbuilt option to change to a dark mode; you will have to use an additional app or add an extension that will switch over to dark mode in your screen.

  • If you wish to use Wikipedia in Dark mode, you can make use of the inbuilt feature available in Android and iOS app. Unfortunately, is it not available for the web. You will have to download another software or add an extension to your web browser if you wish to use the Dark mode version of Wikipedia.
  • Install any of the browser extension (such as ‘Turn Off the Lights’ browser extension)
  • You can see a grey coloured lamp symbol. Click on that. Select the option ‘Options’.In the next page, click on the option ‘Night Mode’.
  • Another method is that you can install the Night Eye – dark mode extension. You will see an extension that is added to your browser. Just click on the icon that appears.


Wikipedia has indeed become an important part of students’ life. In comes in handy not only to students but to everyone who needs to get some information instantly. It acts as a guide and a handy reference for academicians as well. I can say strongly and confidently that I use Wikipedia for almost all of my searches and I have gained a lot of knowledge through it. At last, knowledge is power.

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