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How To Turn Off Notifications On Android in 2 Easy Ways

Phone notifications are frequently useful, and rarely an annoyance. They could disturb us through information we only just essential, totalling just a bit more confusion to our now bothered lives. 

Happily, If you usage an Android phone or tablet, you could turn off your notifications at somewhat time and recover a bit of peace and quiet.

Now how to turn off notifications on an Android device, also for exact apps or for each app at once.

How to Turn Off Notifications On Android?

One of the key reasons to turn off notification on Android is that people feel it therefore annoying. You could turn on and off your notification every time you desirable in your Android device. There are two methods to turn off notification in Android devices.

  • Turn Off Notification on many apps
  • Turn Off Notification on a specific app

How to Turn Off Notifications on Multiple Apps on Android?

Step 1 : Go for Settings in your Android device.

How To Turn Off Notifications On Android

Step 2 : Hit on Apps & Notification below settings.

How To Turn Off Notifications On Android

Step 3 : Here choose on Notifications in Apps & Notification settings.

Step 4 : Below Notification, turn off the closure of the apps or you could also turn off the toggle of all apps to stopover notification.

Step 5 : Here all your notification or the notification of certain apps would be still.

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How to Turn off Notification on a Particular App?

Step 1 : Connect you Android device.

Step 2 : Long press on the App for which you want to end notification, a few options would be shown.

Step 3 :  Hit on App info afterwards below App info, pick on manage notification.

Step 4 :  Below manage notification, turn off the toggle matching to Allow Notifications option.

Step 5 : Here the notification of the selected app has been still.

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End note :

In this article will help you to move your android mobile notification on and off with more apps suddenly a mint. Thank you.

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