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How to Turn off Messages on Mac in 2 Different Ways

For the furthermost part, the iMessage feature on your Mac could be super appropriate, permitting you to stay connected to your texts even when you are gone from your phone. Desirable, you could sync your texts diagonally all of your Apple devices complete iCloud, and at no time miss a message.

Nevertheless, if you are like me, the continuous ping of message notifications could be disturbing when you are trying to get work done. Appreciatively, it is simple sufficient to either go off your iMessages on your Mac, or at best silence your push notifications.

Earlier that, you have to set up messages on your Mac. Sending and receiving messages in MAC could be fun. Then although working rather the notifications could be actually grating too. Therefore here is the technique to “Turn off the Messages”.

How to Turn off Messages on MAC

Step 1: Go to Messages application on your Macbook. Move to Applications >> Finder >> Messages. You could also search it on your desktop or your Dock.

Step 2:In the Menu bar, you could search the “Messages” option. Pick on it to open a drop-down box. Here select “Preferences

Step 3:In preferences start the “Accounts” by picking on the Accounts tab.

Step 4:The left panel displays all the accounts that is been enable in that specific Mac and choose the Account which you would like to deactivate.

Step 5: Uncheck the box here then log out. You could not access the message account from here and now on.

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How to Turn Off Message Notification on MAC

Step 1:If you do not need to receive the notifications you could continually “Turn off Notifications” alone.

Step 2 : Pick Apple Icon before select System Preferences from the Drop Down Box.

Step 3: Afterwards, go to Notifications >> Messages and below

message Alert Style” pick “None”.

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Our Point of View

Think of, When you go off the Messages you would not be capable to send and receive somewhat done Mac till it is powered on. If you do not need to receive notifications go it off but you would still receive messages proceeding your Macbook.

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