How to test android application for deployment

Android application was tested by developers in many different steps. It is very important for the developers to check their apps by checking they can correct mistakes in apps like functional behaviors, usability before public deployment. Additionally it consists of testing it detects us if any cause of failure earlier in dev cycle. If you are going to become android developer it is your responsibility to test your application before deployment to refactor code with safe and to provide a stable development velocity. In this article let us see how to test android application for deployment

Build on A testing- friendly platform

At first you have to build an android application in a test friendly deployment platform. Now you can that many developers were building their apps on cloud environment with docker or kubernetes. To say particular you can deploy a container registry by Jfrog this will provide you a single access point to docker images and helm charts by this way you can manage your images. Run your system in this way your app will get the ability to work in all android browsers, devices and operating system. So it is best to develop your android app in testing- friendly platform.

Uploading to google play

At you have built your android app you have to upload to google store for testing purpose. There you can check your experience the play console will provide you a good, pre- deployment. Also by using this play console you can share builds with stakeholders, internal Q/A teams, closed alpha testers or wide beta testing audiences. Also this google play give you scope tests to alpha and beta.

You can also check and compare number of app in histories uploaded by doing this you can compare and learn different versions and its performance. It has great benefit while you uploading android application builds to google play  

Functional usability testing

Next thing is you have to perform functional usability testing because then only your app will works as you expected. It should run as per all your specifications. You apps should have qualities test installing, running and updating functionalities. You can make use of customer satisfaction app wisely. Thus functional usability testing will determine your apps effectiveness

Compatibility testing

Next this is performing a compatibility test why because to test your apps performance in all android devices. After developing you have to test your application on OS, browsers and databases. You can also use some tools for testing purposes tools like compatibility framework it will improve individual breaking changes by this way you can check your apps which supports in next android versions.

Beta testing

Guys this is last one this testing is very important for all developers. You have already seen this beta tester in your google play it will keep checking your app and it found and gives you a feedback. By this way you can find your bugs which you have missed in before process. You can ask your testers for numeric data also providing many answers, highlight and more. Testing beta will you more experience and feedback.


Guys we hope this article will be useful for you. Follow all the given methods to test your android application.

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