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How to Tell Someone Blocked you on Discord

As soon as you usage the Discord app, people who you share a server with are capable to send you private messages and ring you. You could see their messages too. It is all open, till you choose to block them. If you need to create it so that somebody is no longer capable to connect with you, you could block them. People repeatedly wonder if there is a method to tell when you are blocked. Luckily, there are methods to tell if somebody blocked you on Discord.

How does Discord Works

Discord works built on “Servers.” You could create your server and invite people to join. The people would receive an invitation link done which they could join the server. People could send texts or share mages or videos in that server, which is only a “Chat Room.” It could be further cracked down into channels.

What if someone blocks you on Discord

In default, you would not receive a notification when somebody blocked you. Now are the rare signs that tell you somebody blocked on your Discord:

Can’t send messages

Uncertainty a person has blocked your account, you would not be capable to send them somewhat messages. When you try to send them in the least messages, you would receive a notification as of Cylde bot that states:

But then again still, it might also look if you are not in their Friends list, and they allowed “Not to receive messages from non-friends” or you composed “don’t share a server” or the person disabled “Direct Messages.”  So still we need to consider around additional signs.

Wouldn’t able to react?

You could not react to the person’s message who blocked you, or your reactions would disappear as soon as possible. That is alternative sign.

Not friends anymore

If a person blocks you on Discord, you would be deleted from their “Friends list” first. Nevertheless still, they would be accessible on your friend’s list.

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Cannot tag

Though sending messages, you could not ping or reference their @username. You level could not search their username. So far additional sign that they blocked you.

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Our point of view

Nevertheless still, you could send messages to that person once you both “Share the Server.” Though, your messages would not reach them right, then in the concealed folder. These are the simple means to say if somebody blocked you. If there somewhat additional additions or updates, we would update you at the correct time.

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