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How to Take Apart Xbox One Controller | Steps DIY Method

With Xbox One, Microsoft let its users experience the good of gaming and entertainment. Xbox One would take your gaming skills to a all new level. You would be capable to play like a pro with a wide range of digital games it has. Without the Xbox One Controller, you would not be able to get to know the real fun of playing Xbox One games. Now this, there is a guide button with which you would be able to turn on the console or the controller. For some reason, if you consider disassembling the Xbox One controller, afterwards we will guide you step-by-step. 

FYI! For any reason, Microsoft does not mention you open the Xbox One gaming controller. It mentions you to see for professional use in order to deal with internal repairs.

How to Take Apart Xbox One Controller?

You might have to follow the steps given under to take the Xbox One controller apart.

Things you Need in Prior:

  • A plastic pry device
  • Magnetic parts tray
  • Precision screwdriver with TR8 bit
  • Ensure to take out the batteries of the controller before starting the process.

Step(1). Located the controller on the magnetic parts tray to secure the parts by falling on the floor and getting lost.

Step(2). Asif the tool kit, you should take the orange pry tool to deleting the handle covers of the controller.

Step(3). You should slide the pry tool between the plastic seam with the grips.

Step(4). Here, lever the grip away as if the body of the main controller.

Step(5). Prove the same for both the grips.

Step(6). Managed the TR8 bit screwdriver to unscrew the screws and locates them on the magnetic tray.

Step(7). Here the Xbox One controller will be apart. Just pull it apart firmly without damaging the cable that link the battery to the controller.

Step(8). Unscrew the security screws with the use of the T8 screwdriver from the kit. Ensure you also unscrew the screw that is behind the sticker in the battery housing.

Step(9). With this, you would be capable to find that the controller has three parts. A front faceplate, the middle body via circuitry, and the battery housing.

Our Opinion

Taking the Xbox One controller apart is quick and simple. Then you should be very careful and handle it with utmost care. This methods, you could disassemble the controller to clean the interior, fix the stuck joystick or the d-pad, fix controller drift issue, paint it if you need, restore bummers or easier repair it.

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