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How to Take a Screenshot on Dell Laptop or Desktop

A screenshot is a stable image of the active screen on a device. Taking a screenshot would reduce your work by visiting a screen several times. It uses you capture your work done to share with your colleagues or team members which could be more merely while explaining something in the form of visuals than in words. You would be capable to take a screenshot on all your devices contains smartphones, computers, and tablets. Taking a screenshot on a smartphone (Android & iOS) is an simply task, then on a computer or laptop, it is not. If you own a Dell computer or laptop, you should know the effective methods to capture your active screen. The process is the equal as you do in a Windows PC or laptop as Dell systems runs on Windows OS. Lets us see how to take a screenshot on Dell desktop or laptop is several methods thus that you could go with your best-suited method.

Take a Screenshot on Dell Laptop or Desktop using Keyboard

Let us see how you could take a screenshot on Dell managed the keyboard keys as this is the primary methods used by many.

(1) Capture and Copy the screenshot

Step1: To start the value screen you need to capture.

Step2: push the PritScrn key or Ctrl + PritScrn key or Fn + Spacebar to take a screenshot of the whole screen and automatically copy it to the clipboard.

Step3: next open the Paint App or any other image processing app and paste (Ctrl+V) the screenshot.

Step4: pick the Edit icon to do some editing and afterwards pick the Save icon to store the image to your device location.

(2) Capture and Save a Screenshot

Step1: visit the screen you need to capture.

Step2: push the Windows + Print Screen key, it would capture the whole screen. You could also use the other key combination Fn + Windows + Print Screen.

Step3: Captured screenshot would be automatically stores to the Screenshots folder under Pictures.

Capture a part of the Dell Laptop or Desktop Screen

Step1: To capture a special portion of the screen, press Windows + Shift + S keyboard buttons.

Step2: Your screen would turn dim and the mouse cursor would change to Crosshair.

Step3: Drag the crosshair to choose the portion of a screen and save the screenshot to the device folder.

Step4: If you need to edit the screenshot, copy the screenshot and paste it to the Paint app or any other app.

Take Screenshot on Dell Laptop or Desktop managed the Snipping tool

If you feel it is tough to use Keyboard combinations to take a screenshot on Dell computer, the Snipping tool is a perfect results to get rid of using keyboard shortcuts. The snipping tool on Windows OS is a built-in screenshot application.

Step1: pick the Start button and type Snipping tool in the find field.

Step2: Choose the Snipping tool app from the search results.

Step3: Afterwards pick New option on the Snipping tool app.

Step4: After that, pick the Mode drop down and select the Snip Type.

Step5: here choose the portion of the screen you need to capture and click save snip icon to store the screenshot to your device folder.

Third-Party app to Take Screenshot on Dell Laptop or Desktop

As well as the built-in options and keyboard combinations, you could install various third-party screenshot apps on your Dell computer. Any of the screenshot apps for Dell devices are Snagit, Lightshot, king, and many more.

Another than third party apps, any browser extensions are also accessible to take a screenshot on Dell to capture screenshot of webpages. Any of them are (Chrome extension) and Nimbus Screen Capture (Firefox). With this, you could take a screenshot on YouTube or in some streaming app or site.

How to Take A Screenshot on Dell Chromebook?

Taking a Screenshot on Dell Chromebook is easy task as the procedure is just the equal you follow on a Dell Windows computer. Simply you could use the Keyboard shortcuts to capture an whole screen or a special portion of the Chromebook window.

Step(1) push and hold the Ctrl key and then press Switch window key (F5 key) to take a screenshot of whole window.

Step(2) To take a screenshot of chosen portion of the screen,

Push and hold Ctrl + Shift keys and afterwards press the Switch Window key (F5 key). It would dim your Chromebook screen.

Here your mouse cursor changes to a crosshair, by managed the Crosshair select the portion of the screen you want to capture.

Then tap the Chromebook touchpad or pick the Mouse button to take a screenshot of the selected portion.

While the screenshot is taken, it is stores as an image on the device Downloads folder.

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Take a Screenshot on a Dell tablet

It you are owning a Dell Tablet, you could take screenshot using device buttons.

Step1: push and hold the Windows button and Volume down button at the same time.

Step2: Firstly the screen would flash and the screenshot would be taken and stores to the desired folder.

To Conclude

These are compatible and user convenient ways to take a screenshot on a Dell computer or laptop. The taken screenshots are stores to your device as an image, and so you could access it, edit and share the screenshot whenever you need.

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